Sky TV, Cinema and Netflix, super offer: € 19.90 / month for 18 months until 11/14

Sky dedicates an unmissable offer to all fans of cinema and TV series. Until the 14 November it will in fact be possible to subscribe to the subscription to Sky TV with Sky Cinema and Netflix included in the price to 19, 90 euro per month for 18 months (instead of 44 EUR). This is a really interesting flash offer, which allows you to access the platforms for a year and a half with a discount of 24 euro (and 10 cents, to be precise) on the list price. Once the promotional period has ended, unless canceled, the offer will continue to be accessed for the consideration of 44 euro per month.


The activated Sky profile is that Smart with payment to a bank account and provides:

  • Entertainment Plus: Sky TV + Netflix: 30 19, 90 euro / month
  • Sky Cinema: 14 5 euro / month

The offer includes:

  • Sky TV: Sky Origin series al, TV series, documentaries, news, insights and inquiries. All in HD | Here the news of November
  • Sky Cinema: Italian and international premieres and films | First-run November movie
  • Netflix: TV series, movies, documentaries, children’s programs. The activated plan is the Standard one for viewing in HD on two devices at the same time | Netflix’s offer for November
  • Sky Q: via satellite or internet (minimum browsing speed: 10 Mbps) on loan for free use
    • trough Internet:
      • activation fee: 99 9 euro
      • cost for delivery: 49 0 euro
      • possible intervention of a Sky technician: 120 50 EUR
    • via satellite:
      • activation fee: 99 0 euro
      • cost delivery and intervention on existing plant: 120 29 EUR
      • if required: standard installation cost with dish: 150 49 EUR
      • if required: cost for roof installation 180 49 EUR
  • minimum stay at Sky Smart: 10 months

For more information and to proceed with the subscription if necessary, vi refer to the link in SOURCE.

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