Sony still cuts PS5 production: problems with chips and deliveries

The scenario gets worse for those who want to buy the next console -gen of Sony. The Japanese company has further reduced the production of PS5 : from 16 to 15 millions of pieces by the fiscal year ending next March. To report the news of the one million units less is Bloomberg. If the rumors prove correct, Sony may miss the target of the 14, 8 million PS5 consoles sold by the end of the fiscal year , failing so to match the results of the previous PS4 during its first year of life.

On the end user side this means that buying a PS5 or PS5 Digital during the holiday season could prove to be an even more complicated undertaking. From the point of view of the company, however, the situation calls the top management to tackle problems that other giants in the consumer electronics sector are now forced to face. The difficulties are no longer related only to the scarcity of chips , but also to the crisis in the logistics sector affecting supplies – to simplify to a minimum with an example: a port in quarantine is enough to create traffic jams and slowdowns in a chain throughout the supply chain.

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Can not be done then neglect the relevance of the Covid vaccination policies – 19 of the population implemented by Countries where Sony has its plants. Measures not adequate to contain the spread of the virus still affect the operations of these structures. These are dynamics capable of destabilizing even the production of widely used components, which in other periods would have been very easy to make. Exemplary is the case of dedicated power management chips produced by companies such as Toshiba and TSMC which are rather skeptical about the possibility of normalizing production over the course of 2022.

Bad common half joy, they say, to try to see the glass half full. In fact, Sony is not the only company engaged in the gaming console market forced to revise the production estimates downwards. The same decision was called to take Nintendo with Switch, Microsoft expects that Xbox Series X | S stocks will be sipped again next year, and recently Valve announced that Steam Deck is a few months late due to difficulties attributable to the supply chain. providers.

It is desirable that in view of Black Friday the stores will be able to hoard up stocks to satisfy a demand that remains high and that will still be high. more in the Christmas season.

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