Soriano Motori presents the new Giaguaro electric motorcycle with gearbox and clutch

Two-wheel enthusiasts, perhaps they will remember by Ricardo Soriano and towards the end of the years’ 30 founded the first motorcycle factory on the Iberian Peninsula. The company, in a short time, came to produce a series of low-wheeled vehicles known as the Lynx, Panther, Tiger and Puma. Short-lived adventure even if Soriano manages to strike an agreement with Manuel Giró , giving rise to one of the most loved Spanish brands by enthusiasts all over the world: the BONES.

After a few decades, the nephew Marco Antonio Soriano IV who works in the field of finance, has decided to brush up on the family brand to carry out a project linked to the green economy. The goal is to achieve a “ global platform of electric vehicles (EV) and lifestyle “. For this ambitious and articulated project, Soriano Motori has decided to focus on Italy where there are the production plants in which the brand has worked to create many of the main components.

The result of this work is the Giaguaro, an electric motorcycle where frame, engine, gearbox, clutch and software of management are totally “Made in Soriano” (a small preview of the 2-wheeler was given last year). Model which, at the moment, is declined in the versions Giaguaro V1S and Giaguaro V1R .


The Jaguar is a “Naked” with a perimeter frame in steel tubes . With steel it was possible to create a reduced structure, compared to a component in boxed aluminum, while obtaining the same torsional rigidity with actually lower costs. As for the front suspension, the V1S was equipped with an up-side-down telescopic fork, with stems from 50 mm in diameter and 125 mm of excursion; the Giaguaro V1R, on the other hand, uses a parallelogram system. For both Giaguaro, pivoted to the frame, we find a swingarm in billet aluminum. A single shock absorber is bolted to the structure with an excursion of 120 mm.

Inside the frame we find two brushless electric motors. The V1S can have a total of of 60 kW , while the V1R of 72 kW . For both models, the torque is 155 Nm. The maximum speed is also the same: 180 km / h.

The Giaguaro is powered by a complex modular system, with patented technologies, which can be transferred to any other type of electric vehicle, according to the Soriano macro-project which provides for the development of a global electric vehicle (EV) platform.

The powertrain is liquid cooled. According to what has been said, we find two front radiators, to which two other radiators must be added, one for each inverter, positioned, also frontally, immediately under the two main radiators. Speaking of batteries, a very important element for electric motorcycles, Soriano Motori highlights that lithium-ion cells with high density and energy capacity were used.

Soriano have chosen to house the accumulators above the two motors. If on the one hand this choice leads to a slight increase in the center of gravity of the bike, on the other hand it will avoid, in the future, to redesign the entire vehicle from scratch, when more performing accumulators, in terms of weight, size and capacity, will appear on the market. The capacity was not mentioned but since recharging takes 5 hours in AC at a power of 3.5 kW, the capacity should be around 15 – 18 kWh (difference between kW and kWh). Present the support for charging in direct current. A 20 kW it is possible to fill up less than 20 minutes.

The autonomy of the Giaguaro, for both versions, in the mixed urban-extra-urban use, is around 180 km . As a curiosity, the brand also says that at the counter, in conditions that cannot normally be replicated, at 120 km / h it was possible to reach a distance of 400 km. Special features, despite being an electric motorcycle, there is a clutch and gearbox.

Gearbox and clutch to optimize consumption, especially in urban use. Gearbox and clutch to reduce energy absorption and increase operating autonomy. Gearbox and clutch to increase safety levels in the uphill and downhill sections; through the gears and the “engine brake” it is possible to check and calibrate the impact with the slopes of the route taken.

There are 5 gears plus reverse gear to facilitate maneuvers from stopped. Lots of technology on board the electric motorcycle. In fact, there is an 8-inch display placed above the fake tank. Screen from which to view information such as travel speed, gear engaged, energy consumption, residual charge and engine temperature, as well as date and time indication. Price chapter: the Giaguaro V1R starts from 32. 500 euro and the Jaguar V1S from 25. 000 EUR.

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