SpaceX reactivates Starlink satellite launches

Everything as scheduled: Starlink satellite launches have resumed, after a break lasting most of the summer. A stop dictated by an excellent reason, as we recalled in this article, After the mission carried out at the end of June, SpaceX and Starlink have in fact decided to make the necessary technical changes to ensure that the satellites can communicate directly with each other without interfacing with the ground stations.

Last Monday (at 20: 55 local time, at 05: 55 of Tuesday Italian time) SpaceX has launched a new batch of 51 Starlink satellites from Vandenberg Air Base (California) . To conclude the mission, a Falcon 9 rocket previously used in nine SpaceX missions was used, including some related to Starlink.

This is a noteworthy mission for a series of reasons: it is the first launch of Starlink satellites from the west coast of the United States , but yes it also deals with the first group of satellites that inaugurate a new phase of the project . The newly launched satellites will follow a different orbital trajectory than the previous ones with the aim of providing Internet connectivity to new areas, including Northern Canada and Northern Europe.

With this mission the number of Starlink satellites already in orbit rises to over 1. 800 and another is added part of a project with solid foundations – in about a year from the debut of the beta version service they were over 100. 000 terminals delivered to customers, more than 90. 000 active users, and beyond 500. 000 orders for satellite kits waiting to be processed.

This new step towards the expansion of the satellite network re comes almost simultaneously with the announcement of the availability of the Starlink service in Italy, albeit with access reserved for a limited number of users. The final result of the approximately 30. 000 satellites in orbit is still far away, but SpaceX has returned to restart the engines of the Falcon 9 to give a further boost to the project. Meanwhile, Starlink’s detractors have not remained inert: in the last few days SpaceX and Amazon have returned to face each other with a series of mutual accusations:

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