Spotify, subscription podcasts arrive in Italy

Spotify paid podcasts arrive in Italy after the debut in the United States last April. The service is now available in our country and in other 28 markets on iOS and Android , while from 22 November will also arrive in Canada, Germany, Austria and France. It is good news both for creators , who will thus be able to offer exclusive content reserved for subscribers by obtaining a new source of monetization, both for the users themselves who from now on will have the opportunity to access to an increasingly complete and quality service, full of bonus episodes and early accesses, all without advertising .

Thanks to Spotify Open Access Platform, podcasters will be able to convey any listeners subscribed to other platforms on Spotify. At the moment for creators there are no commissions , at least until 2023, when it’s foreseen the introduction of a commission of 5% . Practically:

  • until 2023: all income goes to podcasters
  • from 2023: 95% podcaster, 5% Spotify

Different types of subscriptions are available, which podcasters can manage directly from the web dashboard of the Anchor proprietary platform.

With Spotify Paid Subscriptions you will therefore have access to

  • extended pricing options: at the discretion of the podcasters themselves, who will freely decide what to ask users to subscribe to their channel
  • expanded subscriber user base: podcasters will have access to more information about their subscribers to offer them more targeted content

The service will start in Italy with Il Sole 24 hours with the podcast subscription “Start – Le Notizie del Sole 24 hours “which provides exclusive access to bonus episodes that will be released every Monday.

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