Squid Game also makes its mark among the most downloaded mobile games of October


Squid Game , between controversies and records, is a global success of those difficult to anticipate and replicate. To the point that it manages to establish itself even in the videogame market without having an official video game, which was not expected: on the other hand, no one expected that the series would become a phenomenon of custom all over the world (and in fact the confirmation of a second season was not long in coming).

And no, we are not referring to Crab Game, the video game released on Steam and clearly inspired – right from the name – to Squid Game. Or better, not only: the ranking of the most downloaded games on smartphones in the month of October 2021 provided by Sensor Tower , in fact, highlights as in the top 10 there are well 3 applications that have exploited the void of an official title of the series to ride its success .

Specifically, we are talking about Candy Challenge 3D , Cookie Carver And 456 : second, fourth and sixth respectively in the overall ranking of download, i.e. that takes into account both the iOS and Android platforms. The first two explicitly refer to the traditional Dalgona biscuit made popular in the series, of which it is one of the most recognized icons, while the last refers to the number assigned to the protagonist, that is the 456.

Obviously l ‘explosion of these titles, considering that they do not have particular merits in terms of gameplay nor boast a noteworthy technical achievement, can only be traced back to the ability to intercept a very strong demand that it did not have – and still will not have for who knows how long – an official answer.

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In general, it should be noted that the link between the battle royale genre, cinema, TV series and video games in recent years has been very close and profitable, from Hunger Games obviously passing through Fortnite up to, today, Squid Game.

Looking at the rest of the ranking, the top of the top 10 global and battle royale Garena Free Fire (also first in the Play Store ranking), while the third po I’m there Roblox and PUBG Mobile si eighth position. To close the ranks there is the immortal Candy Crush Saga . On the App Store the throne belongs to the MOBA League of Legends: Wild Rift : and remaining on the subject of games and Netflix, who knows that the recent arrival on the streaming platform of the Arcane series inspired by the LoL universe will not further increase the already high interest for the title in the coming months.

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