Star Wars Rogue Squadron, project suspended indefinitely

Apparently the next Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, has been postponed indefinitely . The Hollywood Reporter claims this, citing a number of anonymous internal sources; the official reason is that the director, Patty Jenkins, has an agenda too full of previous commitments and simply does not have time to prepare the film in time for its scheduled release in theaters, which is December 2023. Rogue Squadron, a film that could be included in the “Star Wars Story” vein which also includes Rogue One and Solo, was supposed to tell the story of a squadron of rebel alliance pilots, founded by none other than Luke Skywalker himself

It has emerged in these days that Patty Jenkins is working on the third Wonder Woman, thus closing the trilogy of the Amazon played by Gal Gadot, after having signed the direction and script of the second. chapter, Wonder Woman 1984. This is to say that in fact, yes, the director’s work is not lacking, and it is a high-profile one, which is difficult to refuse. But according to some the problems would be more complex than that . After the THR article, rumors of “creative differences” emerged between Jenkins and the management of LucasFilm; and inside sources point the finger specifically at Kathleen “Kathy” Kennedy, the producer at Disney who is in charge of overseeing the entire franchise created by George Lucas. And who apparently does not know how to step aside and leave the right amount of creative freedom to the various teams.

Kennedy is particularly accused of micromanaging excessive and wanting to decide every turn and evolution of the plot at the table, through real committees and votes. Kennedy is one of the most successful and most prolific producers in Hollywood history (and therefore, one could argue, of the entire cinema); and also as head of LucasFilm she has achieved some very important goals, especially with regard to the TV series on Disney Plus. But according to Matthew Belloni of Puck, she lacks the “franchise” overview, at least in the field of cinema, in contrast for example with Kevin Feige, who oversees the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s no secret that the so-called sequel trilogy of Star Wars had a very complicated genesis . Virtually all three films have had production problems of some kind, with directors abandoning in the process, last-minute rewrites and readjustments, grafts and shifts. Leaving aside however remarkable results at the box office, the development of the plot has often seemed inconsistent and not very credible. Things did not go so much better even with the various spin-offs, precisely the Star Wars Story; emblematic was in particular the abandonment of the duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller at the helm of Solo, replaced in extremis by Ron Howard: Solo was the first film of the entire Star Wars universe in red.

Star Wars dopo Eternals, Cholé Zhao alla regia del film di Kevin Feige | Rumor

Rumor 10 Nov

Similarly, it is interesting to observe how many high-profile directors / screenwriters have decided to try their hand at a Star Wars project, and then leave without having done anything. Among these it is worth mentioning David Benioff and DB Weiss, showrunners and main creators of Game of Thrones, who were supposed to produce an entire trilogy; and the same goes for The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. To use Belloni’s words, “everyone jostles to make a Star Wars movie, until they sign the contract.”

A few years ago then Disney CEO Bob Iger had promised a Star Wars movie the year, alternating equally between the main saga and the Star Wars Story spin-offs. The plan is wrecked, and the feeling is precisely that it is due to a lack of overview, able to go beyond the simple result of the single film, and to develop a common thread that intertwines them with each other in convincing, coherent and enticing way for the viewer. At this point, with the Rogue Squadron affair they will pass at least five years without a Star Wars movie in theaters , after The Rise of Skywalker (with results … lukewarm, let’s say) In the 2019. According to recent rumors, Lucasfilm has enlisted, or is in talks with, Chlo√© Zhao, director of Eternals, for a new project; who knows if at least that will go through.

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