Starlink arrives in Italy in limited quantities

The Starlink network expands and finally reaches Italy , albeit with an initial proposal limited to a few users. In the past few hours, several Italian users have received an explicit communication via e-mail from the company specifying how the service is now available also in Italy. Then there is the reference to the connection speeds which, according to the official forecasts, will be included between 50 Mb / six 150 Mb / s . In the coming months – the communication continues – the constellation of satellites will be further strengthened with advantages that will also be perceived by the Italian users: more speed, but also improvements in latency and uptime.

Starlink’s debut in Italy must be considered a first step towards even more extensive coverage and a more mature service. The company immediately warns those who want to try the service pointing out that there may be short disconnection periods .

The e-mail communications sent in the last few hours to Italian users who had previously expressed interest in Starlink’s offer. report a link to the official page that allows you to ascertain if Starlink actually offers coverage in your geographical area. On the same page it is specified: At the moment Starlink will be available to a limited number of users for each covered area. Orders will be processed in chronological order.

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Please note that the Starlink network was activated for the first time in the United States and it is progressively extending to various European countries (among others also Germany, France and the United Kingdom). To access the Starlink service it is necessary to purchase the appropriate kit including satellite dish and router . The cost of the hardware is 499 euro , to which must then be added the 99 of the monthly fee . When fully mature, the service will make sense especially in all areas where it is very complicated or impossible to provide high-speed Internet access using traditional land-based infrastructure.

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