Movie Review: Moonrise Kingdom

There’s no question that Wes Anderson is an extraordinary director and creative genius. In his recent film, Moonrise Kingdom, he takes his creativity to an all-new level. Moonrise Kingdom is a coming-of-age film about the perils of young love and defining who you are as an individual. Set in 1965, Wes Anderson portrays this film using his usual symmetrical scene captures and surprising details. His attention to detail makes the film all the more enjoyable. From the beginning of the film, Moonrise Kingdom captures the oddities of youth and the eccentric aspects of living life on an idyllic isolated island. Opening with a red-coated narrator directing the viewers around the fictional island of New Penzance and witty comebacks from the small Khaki troops.

I have seen the film twice, and all I can say is that it has rightfully managed to work its way up to my list of favorite films. Personally, I cannot decide which aspect of the film I fell in love with the most: Anderson’s incredible directing, his filmmaker style or the overall innocence of the characters. Moonrise Kingdom seemed to perfectly capture every photographic moment that occurred; it was almost as if you could just pause the film at any point and the shot would look like an art gallery-worthy photograph. Apart from the film’s incredible photography, it also has  extremely accurate historical highlights, such as a switchboard operator, a perfectly styled Cape Code-esque 1960s home, and the typical preppy fashion of the 1960s. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone regardless of age, gender, or ethnic background. Hats off to Wes Anderson, who will go down in film history as one of the masters of his trade.

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  1. SO, I haven’t seen Moonrise yet I know, I’m crazy. But I love these images!! I don’t think it will take much cinconving a photo-shoot like this would be quirky and fun, and worth it if he gets to wear a raccoon hat hehe.

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