Kylie’s Pregnancy: The Major Details

If you, like Kylie Jenner the last few months, have been in hiding, then you may not be aware of the Kardashian’s latest member(s) of the family. In what some are calling Kris Jenner’s grandest moment in her mom-ager career, not just one, or two, but three of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters were simultaneously pregnant these past few months. Kim Kardashian suffered from pregnancy complications during her pregnancies with her first two children: North and Saint. It was because of this that her and husband Kanye West chose to use a surrogate during their most recent pregnancy. Khloe Kardashian only just announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Tristan Thompson in December. Which brings the conversation back to Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Webster, who have had the paparazzi confused for months.

Kylie Jenner with boyfriend Travis Scott.

According to their social media accounts, Kylie and Travis began officially dating around April of last year (2017), by posting (group) pictures with one another. They supposedly discovered their pregnancy that June, with Travis tweeting “Legit happiest day of my life,” which many fans believe was his reaction to hearing the happy news. Their relationship remained ambiguous throughout the coming months, as Kylie’s fans are well aware that she hides much of her relationships from the cameras. However, she took this a step further with the relationship between her and her unborn child on Christmas day, when she initiated a sudden, almost two-month long hiatus from her social media accounts. This change came in addition to her being left off of the Kardashian Christmas card this year. This response is normal for the family to members that are having their own drama, in this case, in order to leave her bump out of the picture. Kylie did continue to make appearances with her family and on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians television show, however, almost all of these appearances were only with close family and friends, and any photos/videos that left the events were of her from the waist up, as to avoid any signs of her showing.

Khloe Kardashian, also pregnant, with her boyfriend Tristian Thompson.

Approaching two months after her initial parting with internet updates, Jenner released a small clip of her and Scott on the beach to her Instagram on February 4, 2018, which just happened to be the same day as the Super Bowl. The clip is narrated by her best friend Jordyn Woods, who is speaking to Jenner’s child, saying “Whatever your name is going to be, this is how I found out about you. Your mother and I . . .” Kylie informed her followers that a full video detailing her pregnancy could be viewed on her YouTube channel. She prefaced this with another Instagram post of black text on a white background which basically explained that she wanted to be out of the public eye during her pregnancy. She hopes that her fans would understand, as Kylie commonly complains about the stress of her fame, and how she did not want that stress to affect her baby, who was delivered on the 1st of February.

The video is 11 minutes long, titled “To Our Daughter,” and its release in addition to Jenner’s Instagram posts started an internet movement that could not be stopped. The quote “the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder” could be seen everywhere on the day of the Super Bowl, as a significant amount of traffic was understandably diverted from the game in order to receive this wealth of information and new content that Kris undeniably orchestrated.

Kylie Jenner with sister Kim Kardashian’s baby.

The video may not seem long compared to the average KUWTK episode, but there is quite a bit to unpack in those 11 minutes. Here is a highlight reel in case 11 minutes seems to long: Kylie documents almost every moment of her pregnancy. Not only are there the professional shots that one would expect from anything the Kardashians produce, but there are also clips of Kylie holding an old-school video camera to the mirror, each time the bump appearing slightly bigger, the progression and just-blurry-enough camera work giving a home-video vibe. The audience follows Kylie and Travis into their doctor’s appointments, following the baby’s growth from first heartbeats to first kicks. The couple’s baby is not the only one in the spotlight. Khloe makes an appearance with her bump, and her and Kylie pose together, commenting on how crazy it is that they are in this position simultaneously. Due to her surrogacy, Kim does not appear in possession of a bump, but rather it was Kris Jenner who chose this moment to make the debut of the third Kardashian-West child, named Chicago. After some shots of Kylie with Travis’s family and the luxurious baby shower (guests arrived in custom silk pajamas valued over $300 per set), the video comes to end with Kylie in the delivery room, surrounded by her family, even her sister Kendall over FaceTime, and she is holding her child, just out of focus of the camera.

Kylie Jenner holding her baby’s hand.

There were plenty of conspiracies surrounding this pregnancy from start to finish, from whether Kylie was even pregnant or not, to whether Kris Jenner actually coordinated three of her children to have her grandchildren at the same time, to the name of the Jenner-Scott child. The reigning theory in regards to the child’s name was the ‘Mariposa Theory.’ Since both Scott and Jenner got matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles early in their relationship, in addition to a butterfly and diamond studded chain given to Jenner by Scott worn in her announcement video, and that Kylie’s best-selling lip kit is named ‘Posie K,’ fans concluded that the only logical name for their baby would be ‘Mariposa,’ shortened to ‘Posie’ or ‘Posi.’ However, the parents made the choice to throw their fans a curveball with another Instagram post, depicted Jenner’s thumb being held by her sleeping daughter, with the caption “Stormi Webster.”

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