Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Did Halloween creep up on you? Are you looking for an easy way to show your spooky season spirit, or get some extra credit in that class? From serial procrastinator to serial killer, here are ten DIY costume ideas to up your Halloween game.

Illustrations courtesy of Anu Dhanashekar.



The Oxford Comma

This costume is cute, funny, and shows school spirit to boot. It’s perfect for the diligent Oxford students who wish to look smart this Halloween while impressing their professors.

What you’ll need: Oxford shirt (long-sleeves button down), Oxford shoes, black pants, black construction paper cut-out of a comma to tape on your shirt. Optional: glasses, suspenders. 



Calling all Charles M. Schulz fans! For those who always wanted to be part of the Peanuts gang or simply enjoy sitting on a red doghouse while writing on a typewriter. (Bonus: this costume is nut-allergy friendly.)

What you’ll need: all white attire, white shoes, black construction paper to cut out ears, black paint for a nose, red choker necklace.




Kermit Meme

Nobody dreams about being a frog. A prince, yes, but not a frog. What about a sassy frog, though? Anybody who loves hearing tea or sipping tea should consider dressing up as Kermit. But that’s none of my business. *sips tea*

What you’ll need: green shirt, cup of Lipton tea, green marker to draw zigzag collar, sign that reads “But that’s none of my business”.


Alternatively…Evil Kermit Meme

How many times has a voice inside you told you to do something you knew you most definitely should not do? Some call that voice your gut, others the devil, but I call it evil Kermit. If you wish to emulate the dark side of your inner consciousness and the subject of thousands of memes, opt to dress as evil Kermit.

What you’ll need: green shirt, green marker to draw zigzag collar, black hoodie, witty sign.




Where’s Waldo?

Why does Waldo wear stripes? Because he doesn’t want to be spotted! Force your friends to spend the night looking for you and have a newfound excuse to stay hidden indoors. Tell them that if you were easy to find, the books would be called “There’s Waldo!”

What you’ll need: red-and-white striped shirt, blue jeans, white beanie. Optional: round black glasses and binoculars. 



Pig in a Blanket

If you love food and puns, this is the costume for you. Being a pig in a blanket is super easy and, as a bonus, you can stay cozy by wearing blanket around all day.

What you’ll need: pink shirt, headband with pink pipe cleaner ears, pink paint for a nose, blanket.



Arthur Meme

This Halloween, embody the viral Arthur meme. For when life is so frustrating that Arthur’s fist is your whole mood.

What you’ll need: yellow sweater, blue jeans, red shoes, balled fists.


Despicable Me Minion

Remember back when Despicable Me was the coolest movie ever and you wanted to be best friends with the cute little minions? This Halloween, find a buddy or two and dress up as these infamously stupid but adorable movie characters.

What you’ll need: yellow shirt, blue overalls, black shoes. Optional: black gloves.


Alternatively…Evil Minion

Normal minions too innocent for you? Like a little more of that rebellious rocker-chic minion vibe? Try going for an evil minion instead.

What you’ll need: purple shirt, black overalls, black shoes. Optional: black gloves and goth makeup. 



Of course, you can always opt for the classic creepy scarecrow costume. This one is easy to assemble and and can be dressed up as scary as you like based on the kind of makeup that accompanies the outfit.

What you’ll need: plaid shirt, blue overalls or jeans, brown boots. Optional: straw hat. 








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