The Do’s & Dont’s of Instagram

The technology in your smart phone is more sophisticated than the computers that helped launch the space shuttle to the moon. We use this svelte machinery to take embarrassing and narcissistic photos of ourselves. Not only is that sad in its own way, but the things some people find necessary to document is both baffling and concerning. This brings me to a Do’s and Dont’s for Instagram.

Do: The more the merrier (in the photo, that is).

Take a few photos of you and your friends when you go out! Everyone loves a group picture and chances are you will look less lonely if you have someone other than yourself on your instagram feed.

Don’t: Hashtag overload

We all know that one girl who will take a selfie and the caption looks like the coding for a computer program. Example: “Trying on my new lipstick! #pretty #girl #model #makeup #lipstick #makeupartist #celebrity #gorgeous #igdaily #ighotgirls #banana #toast #bathtub…. etc etc”. DONT BE THIS PERSON. I guarantee that anyone who has the misfortune of following you will hate and judge you.

Do: Indulge in a self portrait

You’re having a good hair day, you finally got a new outfit, or you just feel attractive today. For whatever reason, you want to take a self portrait. GO FOR IT. There is no shame in documenting how captivatingly good you look. Disclaimer: Try to keep this as a once-in-a-while occurrence.

Don’t: Instagram while intoxicated

Seriously you will regret it and it is embarrassing. This extends to your friends. Friends don’t let friends social network while not sober!

Do: Take photos of your pet

I’ll admit I just like photos of cats. Any cat, anywhere. Cats wearing people clothes, cats napping, cats looking angry. Share your pets with the internet.

Don’t: Share photos of your coffee

Wait, you went to Starbucks? You got a frappuccino? That’s fascinating. However, I don’t know if you’re aware, but there are probably more Starbucks stores in a town then there are hospitals. Chances are, your followers are acquainted with coffee and also do not have the slightest interest in what you’re drinking.

In conclusion, have fun with your social networking. Just remember that once something is on the internet, it is there for good. So if you do not want your future employers finding photos of that hilarious time you did something very illegal but felt like sharing it with a Holga filter, it would be best to proceed posting cautiously.

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