Inside the Mind of an Upcoming Rap Star: BOREGARD

Bockarie Amara, commonly known by his alias Boregard, is a witty rapper from Henry County, GA. His music emphasizes lyricism and flow, and his content typically focuses on daily struggles. Boregard has performed at many locations throughout Atlanta; as an Oxford alumnus and former KPN member, he is well-known for his legendary performance at the 2015 KPN Tavern party. So, I invited my good friend to give me a little insight into his experience as a performer.


AA: So Bo, tell me about your start in hip hop.

B: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I started. I used to just write a bunch of poems, since I was in 3rd grade. Every time we had to recite original poems in class, everybody wanted to hear mine. I did a performance at my high school Powderpuff game, and after that everybody just started telling me I should be a rapper. I haven’t looked back since.


AA: I see. So once you began rapping, who influenced your sound and type of music?

B: Kid Cudi’s music made me comfortable expressing my deepest thoughts. Childish Gambino’s music inspired me with his honesty. But, Kanye and Fabolous probably influenced my flow the most. My family also listens to a lot of music. My cousins always had me listening to DMX, Nas, Gucci, and the other greats.


AA: That is an unique mix of artistry. So then, do you ever feel any pressure to sound a certain way, especially as an Atlanta rapper? How would you describe your sound?

B: I really feel no pressure to sound a certain way. But I do like to push myself. I am my biggest fan and critic, so sometimes I do stress myself out. I would say my sound is full of dualism elements: sometimes goofy, but serious, or lame, but cool. And they all work well together, at the same time.


AA: You are currently a student in Emory’s Goizueta BBA program and, as I understand it, this music is a part of your entrepreneurship. Do you find it difficult to balance work on your music and your academic pursuits?

B: It is difficult sometimes, but I manage. I know education is a major key; shout out to DJ Khaled! (chuckles) I also just really love rapping, so there’s no opportunity that’s too “inconvenient” for me. If I see anything that I feel can help me grow as an artist, I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make it happen.


AA: That’s good to hear. And clearly you have been putting in the work, perfecting your sound and lyrical content. Now, you’re still upcoming in the rap game. You have released a mixtape in the past and had several features with other Atlanta-based rappers since. Any hints about what we should anticipate for 2016?

B: Expect more work with Dre-T, Sid Worthy, and BASSMINT obviously. Also, I’m trying to elevate my sound. I’m really into a lot of new specific sounds. I can’t even describe them, so I guess you’ll just have to wait and hear for yourself. EP with Dre-T coming almost too soon.


AA: Exciting stuff man! Okay, last question. Your next performance is the KPN Tavern party. What can we expect that is different from the other, past tavern parties?

B: It’s gonna be on a whole new level, that’s all I can say! (chuckling) We did the run through and we had my living room on fire!

So basically, “it’s going to be LIT!” Many thanks to Boregard for taking the time for this interview. As stated, his next live performance will be right here at Oxford on February 12th: KPN’s “Freaky at the Tiki” Tavern party. Be sure to check out his music/videos/mixtape/modeling/etc.:

UPDATE: Boregard recently released a music video for his most popular track “Honey, Did You Know About This?” Check it out!

Also, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:



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