HSA Hosts Holi

On Wednesday, April 17, the Hindu Student Association (HSA) hosted their highly anticipated Holi event. Freshman Malav Ghia was insistent on everyone coming saying, “We’ve been practicing for the last 36 hours so everyone has to come.” And come they did. Crowds of students poured into the Rathskeller to enjoy a night of Indian culture, dancing, and exquisite food.

HSA started the Holi celebration off by singing the prayer “Om Jai Jagdish Hare.” This song is a hallmark of the Hindu religion that all Hindus across the world sing in both happiness and distress. The prayer song was followed by humorous enactments of stories describing the origins of Holi. After finishing the story of Holi, a moment of silence was given to the victims of the recent tragic bombings in the Boston Marathon. For their final act of the night, HSA performed a series of dances featuring Dean Moon and other Oxford staff that left the audience cheering. The evening concluded with students lining up towards to Akin room to get a plate of Indian food which included rice, naan, paneer and mango ice cream.

HSA hosted the second part of their Holi celebration, Friday. Students ran around the quad throwing colors from the individual packets each received. In addition, a hose sprayed down. upon the students to assure the colors seeped into everyone’s clothes and skin. A crowd of students initially clad in white walked away from the quad bearing every color of the rainbow.

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