Power(Less) Hour Success

The ghosts and zombies of Halloween arrived early to haunt Oxford this year at Dooley’s Tavern for Sustainability Club’s powerless hour. On October 23rd, raconteurs and s’mores lovers all over campus gathered together in the dark to share and listen to frightening tales. Between sips of hot cocoa and bites of s’mores, students listened as their fellow classmates narrated terrifying stories, complete with spooky sound effects. From slashers armed with axes to the infamous clowns, the diversity of horrors never failed to surprise and horrify. Amid gasps and some laughs, facts about sustainable energy were shared to educate the crowd. Students left not only with enough horror to chill their bodies, but also with new knowledge of the importance of being sustainable in regard to energy. Powerless hour was a night that, through the camaraderie of a social club, Dooley’s Dolls, and the initiative of the Sustainability club, brought students together to support Sustainability and celebrate the coming of Halloween. Students left with vampire teeth and fun spectacles as souvenirs of the enjoyable hour. On November 15th, Sustainability Club will be holding another fun event, a waste audit! Come join us as we dig through waste to redistribute trash and recycle! Pizza will be served for hungry participants, and keep your eyes out for a statue of Dooley himself out on the quad that day.

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