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Adding a Twist to Soft Serve, Cereal: Oxford Desserts

October 5, 2017

While no one can deny that the treats offered at Lil’s Dining Hall are always delicious and somewhat addictive, room for invention and creativity is always present. Here are a few interesting innovations students have come up with for giving their desserts a twist.

Classic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

A popular way of eating the ever-present soft serve is using it as a filling, swirling your preferred flavor between two delicious vegan cookies, creating a delicious homemade ice cream sandwich. Try rolling your sandwich on a plate of sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, chocolate chips, or any toppings available to give it some color, but be careful! This process can be messy due to the liquid texture of the soft serve.



Melted Chocolate Chip Sauce

For the chocolate fans out there, here is a tip: get a warm bowl and throw in some chocolate chips from the ice cream toppings bar, stirring until soft and melty. If you don’t have time to wait around for a freshly washed and warmed bowl, the microwave works in a pinch. This is a great way to enjoy some chocolate without having to deal with the hard texture of the chocolate chips. Eat the gooey chocolate chips alone, or choose from the variety of delicious desserts Lil’s offers and use it as a dipping sauce.


Root Beer or Orange “Creamsicle” Float

Another way to spice up your soft serve is by making a root beer float! Just take a cup halfway full of vanilla soft serve and pour in some root beer from the soda machine. Alternatively, you can use the orange soda to make an orange “Creamsicle” float. Try experimenting with different flavors!


Toaster Warmed Cookies

If you are lucky enough to catch the cookie tray while it’s still full of the delectable vegan treats, try warming one up in the toaster or microwave to get the full effect of fresh baked goodness. However, if you use the toaster make sure not to leave a mess of chocolate behind for the custodial staff to clean up. 

Dessert Cereal

Bring a taste of your morning into afternoon and evening meals with dessert cereal! This twist on the normal (but always delicious) soft serve can be taken in a few different directions. In traditional cereal bowl fashion, pour a bowl of your favorite sugar cereal into a bowl, but instead of the traditional milk, swirl in some of your favorite soft serve! Or, if you don’t feel like making the trek across the dining hall, use one of the cereal dessert bars, like Rice Krispy treats, to add to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. A third option is to use a sweet cereal as a topping for your soft serve cone on the go.

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