Coffee with a side of Socialism

The air was filled with the smells of fresh grounds and the sound of live music, as the socialist coffee group hosted yet another event Wednesday night in Dooley’s Tavern.

Gabriel Eisen, a second year student, founded the group back in November, gaining support from Rhiannon Hubert and Veronica Roman to put his ideas into fruition.

“I remember thinking ‘there is no way this could happen,’” Eisen stated. “Originally most people, including myself, only thought of the Tavern as a place for parties.”

The ambiance of the Tavern being known by many as dark and grimy, the newly formed coffee group hope to bring a lighter, more comfortable feel to an aesthetically dark place.

“Using the school’s espresso machine and coffee we buy with the proceeds we make from the previous week, we are hoping turn this space into an informal, friendly environment where students can come to study and listen to good music,” Eisen said.

Being the fifth coffee shop event this school year, attendance was higher than usual, with an estimated 25 coffees and 13 hot chocolates made.

The turnout was also affected by second year Laurie Ray, who came to perform a quick set of covers and self-written songs for all of those in attendance.


The socialist coffee house runs from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Wednesday and is always searching for student performers.

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