Camels on the Quad

The Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE) hosted Camels on the Quad Monday, Mar. 7 on the lawn next to the Elizer-Fleming pathway. The animals were meant to represent some of those native to South Asian climates, however a few where simply a part of the package provided by the petting zoo service. Included in the small set up were a monkey, a parrot, a camel, a small goat, a camel, an adolescent kangaroo, a miniature horse, a rabbit, and an miniature cow.

First-year Matthew Cope says he appreciated the event for its stress-relieving qualities and expressed a new appreciation for camels. 

“I think it’s a good way to build community. It helps distract from studying and midterms. It’s a nice relief for the students,” Cope said.

President of ICE, Samah Meghjee also pointed to stress relief as a feature of the event, “It’s a good stress buster during midterms, and it’s fun to show people that we get to experience this part of our culture, and we want you to, too.”

The event is an annual one; last year was the first time ICE had hosted the event, which was called India Day.

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