Oxford shows Halloween spirit through eventful activities

In celebration of this year’s Halloween, several clubs and associations held various events on campus available for students on Friday, October 26.

Students had the choice of participating in a variety of Halloween themed activities for free, including pumpkin painting and playing spooky games.

For this month’s “Cupcakes, Coffee, Cupcake” [CCC] event, International Student Programs [ISP] hosted a Halloween themed activity where students drew and painted pumpkins in the Elizer Lounge.

“The turnout of the event was pretty good for us since we were aware of the other events that were happening on campus,” ISP student assistant sophomore Eric Kang said. “We expected the turnout to be around 30 people and I think the actual turnout was around 23.”

The Heartfelt Club also held a pumpkin painting party at Rathskeller available for all students to come and participate from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Similar to the Halloween carnival the JRC residential staff hosted on October 21, the Haygood residential staff held a Halloween themed event at the Haygood lobby for anyone to come and participate.

“Especially during this time of the year, students really need a chance to destress,” Haygood resident assistant sophomore Rachel Musetti said. “Also, events like these help different residents to meet each other.”

Students who attended the event were able to play corn haul, paint pumpkins, eat free food and had a chance to win a free shirt.

“I think tonight was really lively and fun,” Musetti said. “It was filled with laughter and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

The International Student Association [ISA], Board Game Club and Oxford Writing Center also cooperated to organize a “Full Moon Werewolf Night” in Pierce Hall.

At this event, students played a game called “Werewolf”, where people are split into two teams consisting of werewolves and villagers. In order to win, the werewolves must eliminate all the villagers, while the villagers must do the same to the werewolves.

“The goal of our event is really just to connect people and provide stress relief,” Program Chair of ISA sophomore Edward Yin said. “As Werewolf is a group game that requires logic, it really helps encourage friendly competition and strengthen analytical skills.”

Since Werewolf is a popular game in China, members of ISA also hoped to bring more cultural awareness to students by hosting this game.

“We wanted the game to help connect domestic and international students,” Yin said.

For students who missed out on these events, the Student Activities Committee will be presenting Halloweek throughout this entire week, with events available for all students.

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