Breaking Barriers: Oxford Students Tackling Diversity on Campus

Oxford College of Emory University, October 24, 2018 – Anthony Mize, Diversity Coordinator of Oxford College, recently led a public forum on the issue of diversity on campus. The event, billed ‘Donuts and Diversity’, saw a number of students attend to voice their perceptions and concerns around marginalized groups on campus. 

The role of the Diversity Coordinator is to advocate for marginalized groups on campus, and to promote and educate diversity and inclusion through organizations and faculty. “In doing that, hopefully we have a more inter-sectional and inclusive campus that connects with those that may not be heard,” Anthony Mize told the Spokesman. 

Anthony Mize has also employed several Diversity Ambassadors to work under his steadfast leadership. They primarily assist in facilitating such forums for discussion. 

“Seeing the opportunity to be a part of such a diverse environment, I knew I wanted to seize such a unique opportunity [to be a Diversity Ambassador],” first-year Kaylin Argueta stated when asked why she accepted the position. “We all have different backgrounds and different stories; we all can learn from each other.”

 While not a contentious forum, the discussion enabled a number of concerned Oxford students to step forward with their thoughts on how to improve diversity on campus. Topics of discussion ranged from the diversity of the faculty at Oxford College, to bridging the gap between international and domestic students, and concluded on promoting education and tolerance through organizations on campus.

“This forum was assuring for me because I thought I was the only one that thought this way about diversity on campus,” first-year Munira Mohamed, public relations chair for the Muslim Student Association (MSA), stated when reflecting on the event. “I see the effort the Oxford staff is putting in creating a diverse campus, but we still have a long way to go in giving voices to marginalized communities.” 

After the discussion, when asked, many participants called the event ‘mind-opening’, such as first-year Tatiana Ramirez. “Diversity should be a primary concern for the upcoming academic year, and I am glad that Anthony Mize is buckling down to achieve some progress.”

This will not be the only opportunity for students to discuss diversity on campus, or to work with marginalized groups on their activities. The Diversity Coordinator specifically propagandized the upcoming celebration of first generation students on November 8 as a chance to learn more about fellow peers.

“By the end of the year, I hope to create a more open-minded culture about diversity on campus,” Anthony Mize expressed. “We all hold a role in promoting and encouraging diversity at Oxford College. It is up to us to seize it.”


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