Your guide to this week’s SGA Election

By Hope Taylor

Oxford College SGA elections are this week and the SGA has worked to minimize the possibility of alleged controversies, bribery, impeachments, and more similar to those that plagued the Atlanta campus recently.  

Oxford candidates for SGA president, vice president, sophomore senators, and more are all on the ballot.

Between the Atlanta campus election issues and the high number of disqualifications in last fall’s senator elections, the SGA’s election and rules committee, headed by sophomore Nick Pernas, has revamped this election cycle with more information and clarity for candidates and voters.

Pernas said, “There has been a lot less problems compared to Atlanta.  I think the reason behind this is two-fold. First, Oxford is a smaller campus, and because of that, easier to manage.  Second, the way the Election Code works at Oxford is much stricter than how it is enforced at Emory. This minimizes the controversy that is possible.  My biggest goal for this election in contrast with the fall is to make candidates more aware of the rules so there will be a lot fewer disqualifications.  To address this goal, I’ve revised disciplinarian procedure with a new tier system.”

The election and rules committee has also provided more ways for the student body to be informed and become a part of the elections. For example, this Thursday, March 28th, all candidates in the spring election will be in Library Room 230 at 7:30pm. to answer the student body’s questions and concerns.. Candidates can also be found labeling throughout the remainder of the week at various location, as well as have poster around dorm halls.

Voting will begin at 12:01 AM on Saturday March 30th and will go until 11:59 PM on March 31st.

Below is a list of all candidates (in no particular order) running this week along with a short statement from each regarding his/her platform:

SGA President (all Oxford students can vote)

Jasser Ahmed

My campaign is about enacting a vision. A vision for what Oxford could be in just one year, a vibrant community that uplifts and includes students from all walks of life. I believe that together, we can make this vision a reality. A vote for me, is a vote for you.

Read about my platform here.

Sid Chandrasekar


Dear Oxford,

My name is Sid Chandrasekar, and I hope to serve you as your next Student Body President. You can read my full platform at

Life at Oxford shouldn’t just be about surviving…It should be about thriving. Will you join me?


Rachel Ding

Hi y’all! I’m Rachel Ding, and RISE with Rachel is a campaign that represents Reform, Inclusion, Support, and Engage. As your SGA president, I would reform the internal structure of SGA, advocate for inclusion and diversity, increase support for all students, and engage with the student body. Thank you!

Read about my platform here.

SGA Vice President (All Oxford students can vote)

Nick Paschetto

Experience. Vision. Progress. I believe that my experience as current Attorney General has provided me with a vision for Oxford’s future (See FB page) that will continue to improve Oxford as a whole in the areas of student health (mental/physical), exciting events, and accessibility. Pick Nick for VP!

Read about my platform here.

Charita Sodagum

My name is Charita Sodagum, and I am running for SGA Vice President. My main platform includes: mental health, communication, female empowerment, and student involvement. I am very passionate about this school and student government and I hope that you find me qualified enough to be your Vice President.

Read about my platform here.

Sophomore Senators (Oxford first years vote for five positions)

Sean Anderson

Howdy, I am Sean Anderson and I’m running for Senator. As treasurer for three clubs representing almost 100 students, I’ve found that clubs need more financial freedom. Through a three-prong effort, I will make club funding SOFT. It just doesn’t need to be this hard. Read more about SOFT here.






Elijah Arkanum

My name is Elijah Arkanum and I am running to be your senator. I will fight for you and your needs whether it be parking, printing or energy conservation. I am passionate individual with time on my hands which I will dedicate to making Oxford better. Vote for new ideas and someone who will fight for you.









Tvisha Bhatnagar

The issues my campaign focuses on include: increasing transportation from Oxford to popular destinations in Atlanta (such as Lenox Mall), improve communication with the administration, and promote environmental sustainability on campus. I truly seek to impact meaningful change here at Oxford, so know your vote will make a difference!










Christiana Boehme

Honest, Experienced, and Approachable. Through my time as a First-Year Senator, I have identified student accessibility to SGA, transparency, club funding and chartering, and the relationship with the administration to be the most problematic areas. With some feasible legislation, petitioning, and creation of new programs/committees, these issues can be solved.

Connect with me on Facebook here.



Jessica Velesaca Cano

Hi, my name is Jessica Velesaca and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I have enjoyed my experience at Oxford so far because I have met so many people of different cultural backgrounds with so many interesting experiences. I want to advocate for inclusion so that my peers feel like they are included in the Emory community and that they feel like their intersectional backgrounds are represented as well.

Connect with me on Facebook here.





Liz Lee

Hello! I’m Liz. As a candidate for next year’s Sophomore Senator, I promise that I will be driven, dedicated, and diligent in working towards our collective goals as a campus. A vote for me will be a vote for YOUR voice to be properly represented! Pick LeeJ on Vote Day!

Learn more about me here.







Sam Lucius

I’d like to be re-elected and serve Oxford in the same capacity as this previous year. I strongly believe that the qualities of a leader are determined by the standards they set for themselves, so I swear to maintain a personal obligation towards promoting student interests before my own.

Learn more about me here.








Xavier Rios


My name is Xavier Rios and I would love to represent you as a second year senator next year. My goal is to essentially be your voice on campus. I will advocate for your needs and fight to fix your issues, whether that be regarding parking, mental health, or printing. I am not overly involved in other leadership positions so that I can focus my effort into making Oxford better as your senator. Vote Xavier!




Delilah Spinelli

Hello! I’m Delilah Spinelli and I’m running for re-election as your Sophomore Senator! My experience as a Freshman Senator has been invaluable as we opened communication between students and the administration.  With your help, I hope to continue this path focusing on initiatives regarding parking, water, transportation, and mental health.

Connect with me on Facebook here.





Megan Yang

Hello! I’m Megan Yang, running for Sophomore Senator. I am currently involved with a broad range of clubs/organizations on campus, but this spring I’d like to bring my open-mindedness, can-do attitude, and dedication to represent our whole student body. Vote Megan for Academic Opportunity and Inclusion 🙂

Learn more about my platform here.


Molina Zhang

Hello! I’m Molina, and I’m running for sophomore senator. I’m open-minded, dedicated and determined. With the key values of inclusion, communication and innovation, my platforms are based on transparency of SGA, opening access to academic and social resources, and inclusion of student body into campus activities.

Learn more about me here.





Yucheng Lu did not respond to our request for a comment.

Oxford Continuee SGA (Oxford second years can vote)

Natalie Frazier

Hi! My name is Natalie Frazier and this past year I was able to serve on both Oxford’s S.G.A. and Emory ATL’s S.G.A holding the position of the Emory Oxford Liaison. Thus, I have experience as a legislator in S.G.A and know how the ATL S.G.A. body functions. I love S.G.A. and would love to represent Oxford Continuees as the S.G.A. Oxford Junior Continuee in the 2019-2020 year! For information on my platform please find me on Facebook or Instagram: natalie_frazier19

Read about my platform here.



Stephanie Lee

For the past 2 years, I’ve been working very hard as a representative in Ox SGA funding budgets and advocating fair treatment for us Oxford students. I’m frequently described as a good team player, problem-solver, and a detail-oriented person. I hope my experience and passion would convince your heart to vote.

Read about my platform here.





Oxford Continuee College Council (Oxford second years matriculating to the College can vote)

Sunwoo Park

Hello, for those unfamiliar with me, I am Sun Woo Park, current Sophomore Senator and Speaker of the Senate. I am running for College Council focusing on initiatives to better Public Health, Transportation and Atlanta-Oxford Relations. If you are interested in my platform, click on this link below

Read more about me here.







Now that you are a more informed voter, log into orgsync to cast your votes starting Saturday, March 30th at 12:01am until Sunday March 31st at 11:59pm. These elections will directly affect the atmosphere of Oxford next year and it is important to make sure your voice is heard.   


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