Inter-grade level friendships

By Cailee Kim 

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, most classes have concluded their mid-term exams, spring semester course selection is just around the corner… we’re already halfway into the school year. Most freshmen have now adjusted to the Oxford lifestyle and sophomores are now getting ready to finish up their time at Oxford and transition to the Atlanta campus after the spring semester. 

However, coming into college, something that completely slipped my mind was the inter-grade level friendships that form. Over the last few months, while it was freshmen who were typically introduced to each other first, many of the strong friendships I have formed are with sophomores. This rendered the question, what will happen once they graduate from Oxford? 

Just as I formed friendships with sophomores, the same can be said for many other students here at Oxford. After developing deep bonds over one school year, sophomores at Oxford transition to the Atlanta campus–cutting the budding friendship short. 

This quirk, unique to Oxford students, has both its pros and cons. While it is true that one school year is just not enough time, I stand by the belief that quality is truly more important than quantity when it comes to friendships. If the connection is there and if the bond is genuine, a shuttle ride away will be a piece of cake to tackle. 

Inter-grade level friendships between first and second years at Oxford is a lot more common and lasting because of the various unique experiences that only Oxford students know and understand. It was the wise advice that the second year students offered that greatly improved my experience here so far. 

Just as the sophomores were so quick to lend a hand and be open to integrating freshmen into their friend groups, I hope this tradition will continue at Oxford College as well as the Atlanta campus.


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