A Brief Overview of SAF

by: Hope Taylor

Following a controversial Emory SGA announcement, Oxford’s SGA hosted a lively debate on where Oxford should stand on the SAF increase. 

The SAF is the student activity fee and a recent movement on the Atlanta campus has called for the current 95 dollars fee to increase to110 dollars, a fifteen dollar increase. The new bill being introduced also includes a 1.5 percent inflation increase each year. For the past few years, Emory SGA has encountered multiple problems with budgeting, resulting in clubs on the Atlanta campus not receiving as much funding as they would like and Emory SGA facing a deficit in budgeting each year. While there has been a larger movement on the Atlanta campus, there has been little news about this new initiative until this week at Oxford. 

Emory SGA passed the first vote in support of the bill on Monday, November 11th, with plans of a second vote being on Monday, November 18th. If the vote passes a second time, a referendum will be sent out to all students starting Wednesday, November 20th. For the bill to go into effect next year a simple majority of students who vote on the bill need to be in support. 

This past Wednesday, November 13th, Oxford SGA held an open forum conversation to determine how Oxford SGA should response to the bill. Both members of the larger Oxford community and SGA members shared a variety of opinions on how the SAF increase should be handled. Those in support of the increase cited the increase of resources Oxford SGA will be able to provide clubs and a new initiative, while those who dissented viewed the increase as an Atlanta campus issue that Oxford students shouldn’t need to foot the bill on. With multiple students coming out to share their opinions, an open forum on the topic lasted for over an hour before it was tabled for next week’s town hall. 

If you have any questions about the proposed increase reach out to Rachel Ding at [email protected] or any other member of SGA. Come hear more about the issue or share your opinions at Oxford SGA’s town hall on Wednesday, November 20th at 7:30 pm in library room 201. 


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