Atlanta: America’s Music Capital

By: Cailee Kim

A cultural hub, the hip place to live, Atlanta and its unique qualities are what attract newcomers who hope to succeed as rising artists. Atlanta is known to nurture creativity and artistry within young individuals hoping to start new businesses and underground artists hoping to make themselves known.

When I shared the news that I was planning to attend Emory University, many responded along similar lines that went something like: “Wow, you’re gonna go to so many concerts.” They guessed right. Just an hour’s drive away from Oxford College, Atlanta and its music scene has attracted me since the moment I got here.

With different artists coming almost every week, there is always something to look forward to. Just last week, in three days I attended two concerts–one on Friday and one on Monday. Needless to say, it was quite the experience.

“I’ve never been to so many concerts in such a short amount of time,” Madison Park, the first year at Oxford, revealed. She further revealed that with good time management and completing work beforehand, attending concerts even on weekdays is completely possible. With such easy access to attend concerts and the various opportunities given, there is always something to look forward to.

Being a student at Oxford and being so close to the city of Atlanta allows for various things to do with friends on the weekends. My appreciation and love for music continue to grow and concerts by artists that I always thought impossible to attend became a reality. Atlanta is truly America’s music capital and I am looking forward to the many concerts that will take place in the future.

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