Study Music Recommendations

By: Hannah Holliday

With finals fast approaching, many students are spending long hours reviewing and practicing old course material. The majority of students listen to music while studying to tune out the world and concentrate on the content. The best music to study to emphasizes instrumental sounds with minimal lyrics. Any genre will work, but classical music is recommended most frequently.

Try the Spotify playlists, “Classical Study Music” by Peaceful Classics for piano soundtracks, “Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals” by koreanry for guitar music, and “Electric Study Music” by Vince Reese for electric sounds. YouTube also has many playlists for study music, including classical playlists, like one for the pianist Schubert, and Lofi Hip Hop playlists put together by creators like ChilledCow, Ambition, and College Music.

Besides music, many people study to ambient soundtracks. These collections of audio mimic the sounds of specific environments, like coffeehouses, libraries, beaches, and campsites. The lack of distracting lyrics allows listeners to focus on their studies.

Ambient soundtracks found at websites such as Rainymood and Raining.FM , which both play rain sounds, Coffitivity, which has several audio files mimicking the background noise of a cafe, and Soundrown, which has options for a coffee shop, rain, beach, fire, bird, nighttime, train, fountain, and playground sounds. Soundrown also offers white noise audio for anyone who wants to tune out their surroundings without the use of distinctive noise.

A final website with ambient noise soundtracks is Ambient-Mixer. This website has a vast selection of many different creative ambient noises, such as “Elizabeth’s Paris,” “Steve Rogers’ Brooklyn Apartment,” “Cafe Terrace at Night,” and “Hufflepuff Common Room.” This website also allows its users to mix and publish their ambient soundtracks.

Hopefully, these music and ambient soundtracks help students stay focused and study well. Best of luck to everyone taking finals!

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