“I decided to start this project where I ask girls our age to choose one word to describe themselves or the woman they want to be. So far, people have chosen words like ‘enough’ and ‘change-maker.’ Then, I write the words on their face or their body and we take awesome photos. We always see who we are or what we were, but never who were are going to be as women. Especially during a time in which women as a whole are finally becoming aware of who they are and what they need and what their careers involve it’s important to identify – things are changing. I want to be a doctor, and to me that involves being who I want to be. M”y word was ‘honest’ because I feel like no matter where I am in my life, as a woman, I want to be one-hundred percent honest in everything I do; whether it’s family, friends, love, career, I know that honesty is the most important thing to me. Honesty has impacted me the most growing up; it’s what my parents instilled in me and what has affected me and my relationships with people most. I’ve seen in the photos I’ve already taken that just putting the word on someone creates a sort of acceptance of that word in her life. One woman, the minute I wrote ‘confident’ on her, I saw it flow through her. I want to show people that they can be everything they want to be, even though it seems like sometimes you see the news and you feel like we’re taking ten steps back. I just feel like this project is a way to push us forward,” (Oxford, GA).


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