Lil’s Dinning Hall

“My biggest struggle is keeping my head above water at this point in the semester because I have so many classes and a lot to keep up with. But, I think it will get easier moving forward because I can see Thanksgiving on the horizon. I’m scared that I have too much to juggle because I’m not really used to doing poorly in classes, so I hope everything turns out well. It’s easier this year because last year felt weird coming to college, but this year it’s not that much of an adjustment. My class load is much bigger so it’s more stressful, but I’m pretty confident in my time management skills.  In general, I don’t think it’s too difficult of a transition. Honestly, I think that college was a drastic shift for me socially because this is a smaller school than my high school.  My high school had 1,500 people. Sometimes, I feel like this campus is kind of constricting; I like it, but it’s also very isolated from the Atlanta campus, which is a struggle because I don’t have my car here.  I’m from a suburban area, so I’m used to having my car and being able to go places easily. Here, I feel very stuck, especially because the commute to Atlanta is pretty long. That won’t get easier until I get to Atlanta, but I haven’t had much other trouble adjusting to school. I just don’t think there’s a good connection with the Atlanta campus. We’re isolated; there are only three shuttles per day—which I know can’t be changed—but there really isn’t much of an effort being made to connect the two campuses.  It’s hard for me to put my finger on it—I like the people here in general, but socially I think it’s kind of difficult. I think I would do better at a slightly bigger school where it doesn’t feel so tiny. I mean, I have my friends and I don’t really care about how cliquey it seems here, but I think in bigger schools, people make more of an effort to be friends with different people, because if you don’t make the effort, it doesn’t happen.  However, here you kind of just assume that whoever you’re around will automatically become your friends, and it does happen. I definitely appreciate the class sizes here, I like that they’re small. The academics here I generally like, but I probably should have thought about it more when they said this was a really small school. I just kind of thought about the academics, but I didn’t think about what that meant socially.  It’s fine, overall. I think going to Oxford and then Emory will give me a good balance of different experiences,” (Lil’s Dining Hall).

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