Oxford, GA

“Considering all superheroes, you rarely see any of them having to balance something realistic with the superhero life. Batman, Superman…Spiderman is truly the only one who has to balance school with his powers, which proves that having obligations shouldn’t prevent you from doing good. People always told me that I should debate. I find it interesting, hearing what people have to say, especially when they don’t truly believe in what they are arguing for. You can hear in their voice and see in their mannerisms that they hate what they’re saying, but they have to say it. I like being exposed to different points of view, which could either help me realize that I am wrong and make me a better person, or fortify my views and show that what I believe in is truly right. In our minds, we have a tendency to think we’re always right, but that isn’t productive. What I look for in a friend is someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to question my ideas in a way that makes me think more deeply and make my ideas stronger. I have one friend who is fluent in five languages; another interned at a particle accelerator lab in New York. I changed coffee filters for four years. For schoolwork, you can ace a test by yourself. But I’ve learned that you have to know how to talk to people, because in the business world, everyone depends on each other. Oxford is a very small place, and I have yet to meet someone similar to me. That makes me happy,” (Oxford, GA).

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