TASA; A Reflection

What is your favorite TASA memory?

Nick: I think my favorite TASA memory was the very first night market. The night market has so many components: there are a lot of decorations; lots food, and people. For the night market, the executive board had a dance routine, which I wondered if everything was going to go well. Just by seeing the final product put together and seeing people happy about what we did, it was a good moment for me.  I developed a great appreciation for TASA’s role in the broader Oxford community.

Jocelyn: The first night market is very good by seeing everything come together. The second night market stood out to me more because I got to help out with the planning. As a treasurer, I had to buy the food. Just by seeing everyone enjoy the food and appreciating Taiwanese culture, I felt very happy.


What is it like to work as a co-president?

Jocelyn: Working with Nick is great. It has really helped us because we communicate well.

Nick: Working as co-president is just a nice thing to have. It is nice to get a second opinion on things. This is my first time of being a president of such a big club like TASA, so sometimes I do doubt myself. Having someone, especially like Jocelyn, who is very understanding, gives me an honest opinion on what decision to make.

(Oxford, GA).

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