The Beauty of the Viola

“I play the viola, which is really cool. From a lot of my friends that are string players, I get a lot of flak for it, because it’s funny to make fun of viola players in the orchestra world. It’s really my passion for music, I don’t really think a lot of people know, and I love it. I guess it goes along with a lot of patterns of performance throughout my life. I grew up in dance, and I did that for 12 years. I got so much enjoyment out of that because I love performing. There’s just something inside me that loves to perform, I just come alive when I perform. I started viola in 5th grade and I’m still doing that now. I think that that was an extension of my creativity, as far as performance goes, because a lot of my creativity is shown through performance and the interpretation of music and dance. I think just showing a lot of my creativity through art, through arts such as music and dance and performance, it’s almost natural for me to love the viola, because I get to do all of that in a different form. I love the sound, and the way the music makes me feel. I love to get riled up by classical music. That’s my favorite thing, to just sit and be moved just as I love to be moved by dance. I love how fluctuations in music make you feel and small things like dynamics that really can show all the difference. It’s just the motion in it, it’s a song, it’s a voice. And the viola is so beautiful too because it’s like a deep, like sad instrument. It’s something that really ties everything together. There’s something to be said of the loyal and humble nature, almost personified, in a viola as well. Part of who I am is gravitated towards the viola, and also just what I see in the viola as well.” (Oxford, GA). 


Article written by Alex Zhong


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