Dear Charles, Thanks for letting me throw paper at your face. Yours, Ada.



To my dearly beloved, Tommy Kreutz. U cute 😉



yo that Will Ferrell lookin’ man– you’re hot.






Camilla– you are the salt to my vinegar, the trader to my joe, the juul to my pod.



Ilene ur my crush lol



The bear has two mouths!!!



Hey emily kim! U a cutie <3



For Will

The name of my love
Sweet as a dove
Blond as the sun
My dearest one

The day we met
My heart did fret
To let you down
Or make you frown

Alas, alack
He loves just Mack
And I alone pine
To make him mine

But never that joy will get.



Will is tall like a tree.
Will is taller than me.
Will’s taller than Rukmini.
Will’s taller than a bumblebee.
Will’s taller than she;
She being Rukmini –
Or a bumblebee
If they can be she.
Will’s tall like a cat in a tree.
Will’s tall like a coal factory.
Will could touch the sky with his pinky
Because Will doesn’t use stepstools.
Will he like my poetry?
I bet he will, for Will is he



William Schmidt
headbanded man
thick as fine jam
locked tight as a clam
strong as tarzan
for my lifespan
as long as I can
I’ll love that caveman
his humor deadpan
hearty pecan,
hottest milkman,
shirtless farmhand,
all names for the
headbanded man.



To the girl in my philosophy class last semester, you are gorgeous, smart, and I would love to get to know you better if I could only figure out how to talk to you.



To the hot 5’11 man in English 381 last semester—I miss seeing your sexy face next to Dr. Loflin’s every morning. You’re almost as thique as the collected works of Virginia Woolf you used to bring to class. Stay gold, pony boy 😉



hi valentine, I love you almost as much as I love reading the oxford spokesman. which is a very very lot. ur cool and we should get dinner sometime? i’ll cover scoops! xoxo



Hi Stephanie <3 <3 y don’t u know I LYSM! Thank you for your budget work!



mole-mates forever



To that freshman girl in the canada goose jacket I see in the lib all the time — wyd friday?



Stop playing pubg and taking the psych test as a joke (you know who you are)
K <3 u



Liz Greene



Ke Pan, for being an amazing roommate and putting up with my terrible CS jokes.



To my two best friends; Zahra and Riya. I love and miss you both so much 💞

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