Surface Duo 2 undergoes the torture of JerryRigEverything

Microsoft has unexpectedly given a successor to its first leaflet and now the Surface Duo 2 also arrived on the workbench of the famous canal JerryRigEverything , where youtuber Zack Nelson subjected him to the usual endurance test. Being a folding device – therefore equipped with potential structural weaknesses due to its form factor – the test in question is really interesting, even if it certainly cannot be representative for most of the folding.

The Surface Duo 2, in fact, is not equipped with a folding display, but it is a double panel joined by a hinge, which allowed Microsoft to give it a higher protection than the typical one of the category thanks to the adoption of a front / internal glass made of Gorilla Glass Victus . We are therefore not surprised that the scratch resistance is on the same level as any other top of the range, definitely superior to folding leaflets equipped with flexible OLED and UTG protection.

of the test, the analysis shows that the entire frame of the smartphone is made of material plastic, with the exception of the hinge, and this also applies to the side fingerprint sensor, which stops working properly due to too many scratches.

Good heat resistance of the displays OLED, while the bending test is passed easily , even if the youtuber did not actually test the zipper with a twist test . If you want to go deeper – and hear Nelson’s complaint about using Android instead of Windows 11 -, you can take a look at the full movie.

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