T-Mobile: “The stop to Galaxy Note and the few S21 damage us”

T-Mobile: “The stop to Galaxy Note and the few S 21 harm us “

17 September 2021 0

It is not often that representatives of large companies criticize harshly in public of colleagues, indeed – worse – a business partner. Yet, sometimes, it happens. To do so against Samsung is Peter Osvaldik, CFO and executive vice president of T-Mobile, German multinational operator from 45 billions of dollars in turnover in 2019. Not just any one, in short.

Osvaldik, while the company announced the promotions for the purchase of the recent iPhones 13 And 13 Pro, during an event dedicated to investors, let himself go to some decisive declarations regarding the recent management of Samsung , guilty of having managed worse than others is the semiconductor crisis that has hit the global tech industry. The moment is difficult for everyone, and this is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that a giant like Toyota, the world’s first automobile manufacturer that seemed to be immune to the impasse, recently announced the first repercussions on the production chain.

In short, it is clear that the chip crisis has affected everyone, some more, like Samsung according to the T-Mobile executive, and some less, like Apple for example. But Osvaldik feels more affected than others: the decision to put -by for this year the Galaxy Note range (or forever?) and the scarce supplies of the Galaxy S 21, who are experiencing a difficult time, have ended up damaging a company like T-Mobile whose customer base, over the years, has been decisively oriented towards the purchase of high-end Samsung smartphones.

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Whatever the reason, the fact is that T-Mobile lacks the products of its best “arrow” , the main source of income in the smartphone sector. And, obviously, the excellent results of the leaflets, which are rightly among the top of the Samsung range mentioned by the CFO, are not enough to gild the pill. It is possible that part of Osvaldik’s resentment comes from the Galaxy S affair 21 FE: the smartphone should already have been on the market, but due – once again – to the chip crisis, the project has been delayed. A tunnel, the one in which one of the most appreciated products by the Samsung public has entered, inside which one can glimpse a light that is still too timid.


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