Tesla Model Y, real consumption surprises in our test: autonomy and where to rent it

Tesla Model Y, real consumption surprises in our test: autonomy and where to rent it

17 November 2021 40

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Tesla Model Y faced our real consumption test circuit, the BrianzaRing, showing itself capable of beating opponents with half the weight and a reduced front footprint like Dacia Spring.

The key is the technology efficiency of Tesla and Model Y, despite being a 4-inch SUV / crossover, 50 meters in length e more than 1.9 in width, it tackles motorway, extra-urban and urban situations with reduced consumption that our test track parries in front of all cars in the same way.

Also interesting is the comparison with Kona Electric, one of the best for efficiency which, however, belongs to a couple of segments less than Tesla’s crossover which is a D segment with a space in the trunk and in the passenger compartment at the top of the sector (its opponent in Hyundai is called IONIQ 5).

The consumption test table has been updated with the calculation of the maximum autonomy based on the test carried out in the test circuit. The data should be taken as an indicative value for comparison and reflects the distance that the car could reach with a charge if it traveled only that path in its life. As far as real conditions are concerned, the mix between motorway, ring road and city, including temperatures and traffic, is too variable to take the reference as a data of autonomy applicable to all situations.


For the consumption test we used a Model Y almost identical to that of the review: the only difference from the model loaned to us by Enerver concerns the wheels that have been replaced with OZ MSWs pneumatic footwear 75 / 45 R 19.

Enerev is a company involved for some time in the world of electric mobility, with a rental fleet of Tesla made up of Model 3 , Model X and the new Model Y, available in the Milan, Vicenza and Rome offices (on rotation) and soon to be joined by a second model to increase the possibilities of choice.

How much does it cost to rent Tesla Model Y

The price for a rental, minimum 2 days, is 170 ?? + VAT per day with 300 km per day, free and unlimited top-ups in Tesla Superchargers, unlimited free top-ups across the network (including roaming ) served by Duferco Energia, the card to use the Duferco network, full Kasco insurance, 2 different drivers included and a voucher of 50 ?? discount for the purchase of a wallbox.

The available kilometers are cumulative and expendable without any restrictions: assuming a 3 day rental, for example, you will have access to 550 kilometers that they can be spent over the entire period. Anyone wishing to organize with friends to take advantage of the rental as a test drive, can purchase additional guides (then add drivers to the insurance, 25 ?? + VAT per person).

How to rent Tesla Model Y

To rent a Tesla Model Y (or a Model 3, or a Model X) with Enerev two modes are available. Through the site it is possible to buy a package with a discount of % on the price that allows you to save as long as you have no particular needs on dates.

Enerev calls it Smart Booking and plans to set the rental dates later, agreeing on those proposed by the company that will contact the customer. Those with specific needs can send the request form and set a specific period at full price.


Rental Model 3 and Electric Tour

The fleet also has a Model 3 Performance in Milan, Model 3 Long Range in Vicenza and Model 3 Long Range in Rome, all available at the same price as Model Y: 170 ?? + VAT per day. Then the packages e-Tour were born which foresee two days of activity (the “zero” day is that of the collection of the car) and car rental . These are trips with tourist experiences (cultural + food and wine) that include entertainment, for example tastings and visits to cellars, and hotel accommodation.

To date there are two proposals available, one in Valdobbiadene and the other in Jesolo, but further proposals will arrive in the future.


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