Texas Instruments listed as the main “bottleneck” of the chip crisis

Texas Instruments indicated as the main “bottleneck” of the chip crisis

12 November 2021 16

As we have known for months now it is difficult to buy computer components, video cards, latest generation consoles, even cars with the latest technologies and much, much more: they are talked about in general with the nickname of the chip crisis, and it has always been spoken of as a consequence of the difficult period in which the whole world finds itself due to the COVID pandemic – 19, of the tensions between China and the USA, and let’s get into the Ever Given mess: but apparently there is a much more specific reason why the whole sector is slow: Texas Instruments .

Yes, the pandemic there has been and has created complications. Yes, Ever Given caused huge delays. And yes, the China-US tensions haven’t helped. But where most of the major players in the sector have been able to cope with the difficulties by increasing the production of their components, the strategy of Texas Instruments has been entirely ineffective, and created a bottleneck that ended up putting everyone in trouble . This, at least, is the theory that several Taiwanese companies in the sector have come up with , according to an investigation by DigiTimes . None of this information is official, of course: it is rumors and rumors. But there are many, and from very different sources, which suggests that there is something true.

Texas Instruments is a name known even to most, especially for those who remember a time when the task of doing the calculations did not take the phone on: the computers of the US company were very famous and appreciated (to be clear they still are now, but as you can imagine the volume of business has significantly reduced ). TI, which is still headquartered in Dallas, specializes in so-called analog chips, such as voltage regulators in computers, and is in the top 10 global chip industry by revenue. TI’s products are relatively simple from a technological point of view – at least compared to those of companies like TSMC, but they are the most difficult to find.

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Now that someone has come out more or less, there are several pieces of the puzzle that find their place, and they hint at an increasingly solid network of evidence pointing precisely to TI. Recently, one of the CEOs of ASUS had said that the main problem for the company was the very long delivery times of the products of the US companies . And the two main stars and stripes semiconductor companies are TI and Analog Devices, which, like TI, specializes in analog chips. In mid-October also Bloomberg had pulled Texan society at stake talking about the likely reduced volumes of the iPhone 13 available for Christmas shopping. In August it was observed that the chips that had the longest waiting times were the microcontrollers, which TI itself produces; not GPUs, SoCs or memory banks.

For some reason TI has so far refused to significantly expand its factories, and it could take a full year (yes speaks of end 2022) before the production capacity increases . As we said, for the moment we are dealing with theories and indiscretions, of which it is unlikely that we will have a definitive confirmation from the person directly concerned; in other words, for the time being the torches and pitchforks are best left in the hands of the citizens of Springfield angry about the slurry of Spider Pork.

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