The AirPod becomes iBuprofen: it swaps it for a pill and sends vocals from the stomach


Apple has not (yet) launched into the drug market with a iBuprofen and not even in that of cookies, but it seems to have the potential to do so. The demonstration – decidedly practical and also with a happy ending – comes from Boston via TikTok, the stage on which the misadventure of a twenty-seven-year-old, Carli Bellmer, has become viral @iamcarliiib on the social network, which has “confused” one of its AirPods Pro with one tablet of ibuprofen of 800 mg .

I swallowed my fucking left AirPod. I’m tired of trying to throw it up, it won’t come out anyway. But I’m going crazy – said the young woman in a TikTok recorded almost in real time. I was holding an ibuprofen tablet, but also an AirPod. “It was a little hard to swallow” , I said to myself after ingesting. Then I noticed that the pill was left on my hand rather than the AirPod.

Carli, podcaster and beautician, has poured out her desperation on TikTok, but the video is currently invisible on the social network due to an alleged violation of the guidelines. However that November 5th she went to work regularly, and in the minutes following the misfortune she also accidentally recorded a vowel to a friend directly … from her stomach . The AirPod stayed connected to his iPhone and picked up a more unique than rare dialogue.

At that point she surrendered to the sad fate of the headset by decoupling it from the iPhone, not before having collected the “mockery” of the notification generated by the detection of a headset unidentified traveling together with inside her . The headset was then ejected a few hours later in the most natural way possible, result later confirmed by an x-ray report.

I did not recover the left AirPod (but come on, ed), but it was in my stomach and now it’s gone – Carli said on the social network. I’m not the first to have this happened and I won’t be the last. But I want to share my misadventure so that it can be a warning for others.

Warning or not, the crime sparked social media. There are those who, astonished, make fun of the story, and those who instead take Carli’s side.

Barely a pill goes through my throat, let alone an AirPod. OMG

One tablet of ibuprofen of 800 mg is huge, and if you are distracted it can be confusing with a headset.

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