The Borsoi dealership wins the Nissan Italia Award

The Nissan Borsoi dealership (present in Veneto in the provinces of Treviso and Venice) was awarded the prestigious Nissan Italia Award , a an award that is recognized to the partners of the Japanese car manufacturer who have distinguished themselves for their results in the last year. This award is part of a global competition involving approximately 4 people. 000 Nissan dealers worldwide. Of these, only 4% win, equal to 160 concessionaires globally, of which only 3 in Italy.

The president and CEO of Nissan Italia attended the award ceremony, in which HDMotori was present Marco Toro who, delivering the prize to the owner of the concessionaire Marisa Buriolla and to the chief executive officer Renato Borsoi , commented:

Borsoi has been a reliable Nissan partner for over thirty years, which has always stood out for the quality of its results. The year just ended was that of the generational change at the top of the dealership and seeing it crowned with this award gives a sense of continuity and excellent future prospects. I am sure that the Borsoi team will be able to better interpret the challenges that await us and seize the opportunities given by the recovery of the market and a Nissan range full of innovations, especially in terms of electrified products.

The prize is awarded by measuring the results of the dealerships in 4 specific sectors: sales results, after sales, penetration of financial products and customer satisfaction.

Nissan Borsoi won thanks to a total market share in sales of 3.4%, above the Italian average of well over ‘80% and a share of 4% in the private channel, equal to double of the Italian average. After sales, the spare parts turnover per vehicle fleet exceeded the Italian average of 20%. The financial products were combined with 8 cars out of 10 sold, with a penetration rate that exceeds the Italian average by 10%. Finally, the sales and after-sales customers declare themselves “totally satisfied” respectively at 98% And 95%.


During the press conference held by Marco Toro, we had the opportunity to ask some questions about the Nissan range. In particular, we asked for some details on the arrival of the Ariya electric crossover which, as known, is delayed due to some problems such as the chip crisis. Model that in Europe can only be ordered in Norway with the arrival scheduled for next summer.

The manager replied that Norway had a temporal advantage over other European countries only in terms of orders due to the fact that this market is favorable to electricity. The European debut of the electric crossover is set for all countries, including Italy, again for the summer of 2022 .

Next spring, the Nissan Qashqai will debut (here our test) with the new powertrain e-Power consisting of a gasoline engine and an electric unit. The most important aspect of this motorization is that the petrol engine is used exclusively to generate electricity, while the wheels are powered only by the electric unit.

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