The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive: confirmation from Phil Spencer arrives

In September 2020, when Microsoft confirmed the acquisition of the Zenimax Media group (transaction then finalized last March), which contains among the most relevant studies also Bethesda , in many have wondered what this move would mean in terms of future exclusives.

Bethesda’s next title, Starfield, we already know that it will only be released on Xbox. At the moment the studio, as recently explained, has decided to give priority to this new IP: but on the horizon there is another huge project that has been announced for some time – even if only with a little indicative teaser. We are obviously talking about The Elder Scrolls VI .

On the occasion of the 20 years of Xbox, which fell yesterday (Monday 15 November), and that we retraced in our dedicated special, Phil Spencer gave an interview to GQ in which, among the other things, he dropped this “bomb” – which had been in the air for a while, waiting to detonate. The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive, and therefore it will be released only on Microsoft consoles and on PC .

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A franchis and as important as The Elder Scrolls is certainly one of those few names able to significantly tip the scales towards a platform, and could therefore be an important key to catching up on Sony, which is managing the advantage accumulated in the last generation with success of PlayStation 4. Just think that last week the fourteenth version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, or the Anniversary Edition: considering that the original was released in 2001, we are faced with a saga with titles capable of deeply affecting the videogame imaginary and potentially decennial.

Spencer did not limit himself to providing the raw information, but explained the reasons behind this choice:

This is not about “punishing” other platforms, because I believe it is crucial that all platforms can continue re to grow

Microsoft’s proposal in this round, however, is richer and more interesting than ever, with the Game Pass which is an increasingly attractive and unique model in the videogame panorama, and which in the next months will begin to populate from day one of major titles, starting with Halo Infinite. The awareness of being able to play directly from the Game Pass catalog, at launch, triple A games such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI is one of those things that does not leave indifferent, and that will increase the audience of players interested in looking out to Xbox services (which are more central hardware).

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