The first 5G touring concert in Turin thanks to Ericsson and TIM

A unique “demonstration” concert, broadcast simultaneously from different places thanks to the 5G of TIM and the technology made available by Ericsson . This is the artistic experiment held in Turin, in splendid setting of Palazzo Madama, which highlighted the ability of the new generation networks of to create innovative events , hitherto unthinkable with previous networks.

The Garden of Forking Paths by the Turin composer Andrea Molino was held live in different points of the city : the four voices, the four traveling saxophones through the streets connected live with Rai’s live 5G mobile camera and the musical ensemble Fiarì present in the hall performed in a concert in unison live audiovisual with a synchronization from margin of error of less than 3 hundredths of a second , a high data transmission speed and a very low latency, “ as if they were all in the same place in front of the conductor “.

Voices and musicians they are exhibited in motion, until they meet in front of the entrance to the Palace to enter together and finish the performance with the orchestra: everything took place in unison, “ thus highlighting not only the precision of remote coordination but also the artistic and technological compatibility between the two situations “.

It has therefore been demonstrated how new forms of artistic exhibition are possible, solving the synchronization problems both between the different musicians involved in different places (outside and inside the Palace), and between them and the central direction. The remote television production system of the Rai Research Center (in collaboration with the Turin Production Center and LiveU) ensured full synchronization through reception and ” processing in real time of the different flows coming from the mobile chambers.

The audience in the hall was able to follow the entire concert as if all the actors were physically present in the same place , and the event was also broadcast in 5G broadcast mode from the Torino Eremo transmitter on some demonstration smartphones made available on site.

The event is part of the project 5G-TOURS (5G smarT mObility, media and e-health for toURists and citizenS) funded by the European Commission, with the aim of

demonstrate the benefits that 5G technology can bring to citizens and tourists through 13 innovative “use cases”, distributed in thematic on three different types of city: Turin , the tourist city focused on distribution of multimedia content in tourist and cultural contexts; Rennes , the safe city where use cases related to healthcare and hospital settings; Athens , the efficient city in terms of city mobility and logistics airport.

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