The Green Pass will be mandatory for all workers from 15 October

From 15 October to 31 December 2021 (date on which the state of emergency will end, naturally subject to changes or extensions) the Green Pass will also be mandatory for all workers : the Council of Ministers gave the green light unanimously this evening. The measure represents the next move to combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, especially the dreaded (as very contagious) delta variant in anticipation of the winter season. The press conference is still in progress; you can follow it in the YouTube video incorporated below.

The provision concerns private and public employees, domestic and self-employed workers VAT number – even magistrates (but not lawyers); those who work in smart working are excluded (but specific measures could come later), as well as those who have obtained an exemption from the vaccine for medical reasons. It will be up to the employers to verify the green pass, probably with the same app Verification C 19 supplied to bars, restaurants and many other structures. It remains to be seen how this will be done in the case of self-employed workers ranging from private individuals – for example the plumber or the bricklayer.

What you risk if you are discovered without a Green Pass:

  • fines from 600 to 1. 500 euro
  • immediate suspension from work for private employees, after 5 consecutive days for public employees
  • will formally count as unjustified absence, and therefore the salary will be suspended
  • cannot be fired

Those who cannot vaccinate will have the right to tampons molecular free. Tampons cost 8 euros for minors, for adults. The validity of the certificate via buffer has been raised by 23 in hours. The Green Pass will also come into effect immediately , not days after the administration of the first dose, for whom is recovered from COVID – 19 .

The measure, the government says, affects a total of approximately 23 millions of Italian workers, and the hope is that it will speed up the vaccination campaign. According to the latest estimates, there are about 4.1 million unvaccinated. Says the Minister for Simplification and Public Administration Brunetta:

With this measure we want to accelerate the physiological dynamics of vaccinations that every day provides 200 – 250 thousand new vaccinated per day and that half next month should take us beyond the 81 – 82% of vaccinated: not enough yet for the social immunity


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