The Motorola Edge 20 family in full force, here's which one to choose and why

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Today we offer you an analysis of the new family Motorola Edge 20 , three smartphones that have been out for some time and well positioned to cover different needs and related market segments, share different technical aspects and a simple software very close to pure Android, now a rarity in the green robot landscape.

At the same time between Motorola Edge 20, Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 There are some important differences that must be considered in order to make an informed choice.



In a sea of ​​more or less superimposable Android smartphones the Motorola have kept a distinctive feature: the software . Pass the specifications, the photographic capabilities and the price, on the market there are alternatives for all tastes and budgets, but no smartphone (especially after Google’s questionable choices with the Pixels and the change of course of OnePlus) allows the user to enjoy pure Android software, no frills and unnecessarily complicated menus.

In this the 3 Motorola smartphones are stackable, the base is Android stock version 11 (but all three will be updated to Android 12) and all advanced functions are enclosed within the Moto app.

Among the most interesting features is the advanced ambient display, called “ interactive screen “. With the smartphone locked and in standby we can view a summary screen of incoming notifications, based on the settings chosen, it is possible to obtain a preview, reply or unblock by directly entering the app that generated the notification. This is not the normal Android lock screen, but from a previous moment, a sort of always on interactive display.

Other with all three Motorola Edges 20 the function is particularly beautiful and smart being able to take advantage of the OLED screen , which lights up only the necessary pixels, with a very pleasant effect and very low power consumption.

Moto Edge 20 And 20 Pros can then take advantage of the “Ready For “, a complete desktop environment obtainable via cable or wireless connection. It is one of the best solutions to maximize productivity, as well as take advantage of small goodies such as the complete use of the camera (front or rear) of the smartphone as a webcam, without any doubt of higher quality than the one integrated in notebooks.

Ready for can be used both for connection to a monitor and for a PC, adding other useful features such as file sharing.


Motorola guarantees at least one major update, while the second is optional and may depend on the needs of the individual product. All Moto Edges 20 arrive on the market with Android 11 and will be updated to Android in the coming months 12. Regarding the security patches, Motorola guarantees at least 3 years of updates, in our case therefore no worries until the summer of 2024.


The three Motorola Edge 20 have significant technical differences, which on the other hand they are reflected in a different positioning. We list the list prices, keeping in mind that the street price has now settled on a lower level.

  • Motorola Edge 20 Quarrel: 379 euro list version 6 / 128 GB
  • Motorola Edge 20: 449 euro list version 6 / 128 GB
  • Motorola Edge 16 Pro: 699 euro list version 12 / 256 GB


The dimensions are practically the same, Edge 20 is particularly thin at only 7mm thick, while the Lite is heavier and thicker due to the large 5mm battery . 000 mAh. None of the three are waterproof, but all have received an internal nanofilm treatment that makes the components water repellent.

The materials change a bit: Edge 20 Lite is completely made of plastic, albeit well made, Edge 20 add aluminum frame, Edge 20 Pro also adds Gorilla Glass 5 back.

In hand all transmit an excellent quality feedback , clearly the aluminum of the two superior models feels and allows you to have a direct junction between the front glass and the frame, very pleasant also from the point of view aesthetic. Edge 20 Lite however does not appear at all a “cheap” smartphone under the fingertips , it is well finished and solid, moreover the opaque treatment of the back cover gives it an above average refinement .

We point out again that of the three the one that stands out most is the intermediate model, Edge 20, thanks to a square design and a completely flat back, except for the photo module.


In all cases the display is an OLED with FullHD + resolution and 6.7 “diagonal , however, there is a certain difference in quality in color reproduction and in rendering at high viewing angles between the Edge pair 20 / 20 Pro and Lite model. In the first two the refresh rate goes up to 144 Hz, while the second stops at 90 Hz. Beyond the refresh rate there is however not such a large leap between the three models in terms of daily usability.


As for all modern smartphones, the SoC represents the beating heart of the smartphone and determines its behavior in terms of performance and connectivity.

The three Motorola Edges 20 are placed in ascending order from Lite to Pro with three different hardware platforms: MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G, Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 G and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870.

We had no doubts about the Motorola Edge 20 Pro which can rely on the Snapdragon 870 , a high-end processor, a ‘evolution of the Snapdragon 865 top of the range of the 2020, in some respects even better than the Snapdragon 888 which turned out to be a bit problematic in terms temperature management. It is a solution that makes it snappy and fast in any type of operation, including gaming.

Positive notes also for Motorola Edge 20, animated by the modern Snapdragon 778 G 5G , a recent platform that allows you to meet all user needs, with some sacrifices in terms of responsiveness and an advantage in consumption and connectivity (BT 5.2, WiFi 6E) compared to its older brother. In everyday use, very little changes, except for some scenarios such as prolonged 4K video recording or opening multiple applications in Ready For mode, in which Motorola Edge 20 Pro manages to offer better fluidity.

Motorola Edge 20 Lite is perhaps what fooled us the most , yet another confirmation of the quality of the new generation MediaTek processors. It is not a splinter in some contexts, especially in the opening of heavier applications, at the same time, however, it never goes into crisis exposing itself to significant slowdowns. We are on the level of a Snapdragon 732 G, but with the addition of 5G connectivity.

Further notes on usability concern the fingerprint reader which has no particular differences in terms of unlocking speed and accuracy, on Edge 20 standard, however, the sensor is slightly raised and more easily perceptible to the touch.

On p place of the audio we underline that curiously Edge 20 standard is the one a little more subdued than the other two, probably due to its reduced thickness . Vibration is very similar on Edge 20 And 20 Pro, clear but not too strong, less precise instead on Edge 20 Quite but very strong.


We dedicate a paragraph to the photographic sector, being an important discriminant in the choice of the smartphone. There are obviously differences between the three Moto Edges, which are equipped with gradually superior hardware.

Edge 20 Pro is the most complete thanks to an ISOCELL HM2 main sensor of 108 MP, associated with an ultra wide from 16 MP and a periscope telephoto lens with 5X optical magnification and mechanical stabilization.

Edge 20 shares the main and ultrawide sensor hardware with its big brother, but the telephoto lens has 3X magnification. The standard camera also has a wider angle lens.

Edge 20 Lite instead has a sensor from 108 Lower-end MP, an 8MP ultrawide and a third macro camera.




The quality of the photos is generally very good , positively amazes the lite, while the others have adequate performance for the price range. Edge 20 Pro has an edge over its younger brother when light is scarce but especially in the telephoto lens, which in addition to having a higher magnification also has a better photographic yield.

Edge 20 lite suffers a little in the wide angle which is in line with smartphones on the 300 Euro, while both colleagues allow you to obtain excellent images even in a wide field.

Good for all selfies , in the videos Edge emerges again 20 Pro, thanks to the ability to record clips in 8K and in 4K at 60 fps, very good Edge too 20, while there is a lower quality for image stabilization and cleaning on the Lite model.


Which one to buy? The answer is not simple and can often depend on the offers of the moment, which especially in this period, appear at a rapid pace.

Dei tre Edge 20 Lite is the one that most amazed us considering the positioning, it is to be chosen to obtain a balanced smartphone with a very long autonomy. It gets along well on everything and around the 144 euro is certainly an option to consider.

7.3 Hardware

6.6 Quality Price

Motorola Edge 20 Quarrel

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Edge 20 is placed halfway, it is often the protagonist is of strong discounts resulting really attractive , while sometimes the price is much closer to the big brother becoming less convenient. Its design is original and captivating, the sacrifice is on the autonomy slightly lower than the Pro and on the audio sector. Overall it is a reliable product but it is to be evaluated based on the price.

7.8 Hardware

7.5 Quality price

Motorola Edge 20

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Edge 20 Pro convinced us fully , like abb We said in the review it is a true top of the range with only two sacrifices: stereo audio and wireless charging, everything else is fantastic, so if those two details are not within your specific priorities, then it certainly represents one of the best possible choices. for quality / price on the high end of the market.

7.9 Hardware

6.2 Quality price

Motorola Edge 20 Pro

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  • Motorola Edge 20 Lite is available online from Mister Shop King at 305 euro or from Amazon to 352 EUR. The value for money is discrete . There are 51 best models.
  • Motorola Edge 20 is available online from Unieuro at 311 EUR. The value for money is good but there are 5 better models.
  • Motorola Edge 20 Pro is available online from Mister Shop King at 552 EUR or from Amazon to 649 EUR.

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