TIM One Number carries the same number of the smartphone also on the smartwatch


A real smartwatch is a convenient complement to your smartphone, with the ability to monitor your sports activity and some vital parameters, control music playback, make payments and respond to notifications and calls clearly.

There are some smartwatch models, however, that in addition to completing and expanding the experience of the telephone, if necessary they can replace it, in full autonomy. For example: do you want to go for a run without any encumbrance other than that of the watch on your wrist, but at the same time you need to be available for a call? Then a smart watch with eSIM is the right one for you.

And it is precisely this need that a service will meet that, according to to rumors circulating on the net, TIM should make it available shortly. It should be called TIM One Number , and as the name suggests it will allow you to use a single number on both smartphones and smartwatches, thus unifying the experience .


In short, it will be an option similar to that introduced last year by Vodafone and the connection to Apple Watch. At launch, TIM’s service should initially be dedicated to Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (which we have reviewed), obviously in the respective versions equipped with LTE connectivity – compatibility should be extended to other devices from other manufacturers later on.


And the cost ? TIM should formalize an offer from 4, 99 euro per month and which should also be without activation. Moreover, it seems that at the beginning there will be a promotion linked to the valid launch until 31 January 2022 which should offer the first 3 months of One Number free .

To use the service, it will be necessary to activate VoLTE on the main SIM inserted on a smartphone. Furthermore, One Number will apparently bring with it the free authorization of “Chi è di TIM”.

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