Tired of the Play Store web? Google is giving it a makeover

Google finally seems willing to satisfy the requests of Android users who have long been asking for more commitment in the management of the Play Store website, or at least greater graphic and functional coherence with the mobile version – which in turn is slowly being assuming the aesthetic traits of the Material You. Recent reports disseminated on the net highlight a renewed design of the official Google Play website .

Radical change : only residual of the past is the logo in the upper right corner. Away with gray and space for white, no search bar at the top, replaced by a few, simple buttons to access games, apps, films and books, and finally no (too much) rich side menu on the main page. Everything goes in the direction of simplification or, if we want, towards a variant of the expanded mobile app to fill a page that can be consulted from the desktop.

In each section you can filter the contents according to the device in which they will have to be installed: smartphone, tablet, TV, Chromebook, smartwatch and car app.

It should be underlined that the options accessible through the left side menu of the previous layout have not completely disappeared, their presence has been made more discreet : Sub-sections such as those on payment methods, subscriptions and Play Points are accessible from the menu that appears by clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner.

TO benefit from the restyling work are also the cards of the individual contents : larger titles, less confusing ion, relevant information such as developer contact information even more prominently and more space for the side-scrolling gallery that contains the screenshots. In the case of games, developers will also be able to insert video trailers with automatic playback.

Credits: Android Police

The change is extended to search functionality : starting to type the name of the content the user will receive more suggestions for the auto-completion of the word and, after having entered an adequate quantity of letters, will have immediate access to a list of contents deemed suitable to satisfy the search. Finally it seems that even the variation of the layout based on the size of the window works better than the current version.


There is still no exact date for the official launch of the new layout and Google did not step in with a note to illustrate the change. The new Play Store web for now has only been spotted in some markets , and it seems to be the result of some test that the Mountain View house is carrying out in view of the wider distribution. Witness the fact that not all new sections are treated in the same way and functioning.

There are reports from Korea and Taiwan. You can try to connect to the versions of the Play Store web localized in Korean (https: // play .google.com / store / apps? Gl = kr) and Taiwanese (https://play.google.com/store/games? gl = tw), but you have to expect to use a VPN to bypass regional blocks, and the tests may not necessarily be accessible to all users.

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