Tiring season change? Not for Bentley customers: there is the winter kit with 21 “wheels

Exchange tiring season? Not for Bentley customers: there is the winter kit with 10 ”

10 November 2021 4

The obligation to drive with winter tires or snow chains on board will start in a few days in many areas of Italy. The law does not look at anyone’s wallet, so whoever wants to circulate from the of the all season, who is behind the wheel of a Bentley may be less sensitive and want to take the opportunity to change look at the car without bothering too much.

Bentley has indeed launched winter packages including alloy wheels from 21 inches and high performance Pirelli winter tires. The packages are four : one for the three Continental “shades”, then GT, GT Convertible and Flying Spur, one dedicated to the performance Continental GT Speed ​​and two for the Bentayga SUV.

Thanks to winter tires specially developed, owners of all these models will be able to safely enjoy the performance of their vehicles during the winter. Owners of Continental GT and GT Convertible this winter can choose for the first time the beautiful alloy wheel a 10 spokes with machine polished dark gray painted finish.

It goes without saying that Bentley and Pirelli have worked together to arrive at specific coverages (apparently derived from the Winter Sottozero 3) which guaranteed “the maximum traction possible in the cold months “ and that they were able to provide “a driving experience comparable to that of a day hot and dry “.

Winter tires, we have emphasized several times, are much more effective than summer tires at the moment. where the temperature drops below 7 degrees centigrade, thanks to a compound with a higher silica content that is able to adhere better to the asphalt in harsh climatic conditions, and to the blocks that “activate” the heating of the same and at the same time are able to attack water and mud in the best possible way , snow and ice.

Are you wondering about the prices ? Unknown, of course:

Customers needing further information can contact their local dealer for availability.

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