Twitch returns to talk about the data breach: passwords and sensitive data are safe

The huge data theft confirmed by Twitch last Wednesday, October 6, was one of the most talked about events in recent weeks. Partly because it was possible for streamers to do the math in their pockets, and thus have a comprehensive and detailed picture of what money the platform moves today. And partly because of the concern about the size of the data breach , since it was feared that passwords and sensitive data might also have been involved .

Twitch conferma il mega attacco hacker: dati personali a rischio

Mobile 07 Oct

Twitch is back on the issue with a new official statement in which it shares the reconstruction of the ‘attack and reassure the consequences, downsizing the scenario and arguing that “ the impact for customers is minimal “, and to be contacting the people involved directly. As for the nature of the attack, the breach would have opened from “ changing the configuration of a server that allowed improper access to an unauthorized third party “.

The team, once recognized the problem, promptly intervened to seal the opening and restore the security of the systems. Then there is an important clarification: after in-depth investigations Twitch in fact states that neither the passwords nor the sensitive data of users, including those of credit cards, have been exposed .

We are sure that the systems where Twitch login credentials are stored, encrypted with bcrypt, have not been hacked, nor are they full credit card numbers or bank or direct credit / ACH information were displayed.

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