Ultra-wideband: the Ministry updates the site with clearer indications


The Ministry of Economic Development has updated the website dedicated to the “ Ultralarga Band Strategic Plan “(link in SOURCE) which aims to develop a network infrastructure throughout the country in accordance with the provisions of the European Digital Agenda. The year is about to end, and the update of the mapping of the coverage in Italy started in May has been completed. And therefore the database was updated with the data provided by the operators during the consultation 2021 , as stated on the website:

Based on data provided by the operators as part of the consultation 2021 it was possible to create a mapping of the Italian territory which identifies, exclusively with reference to wired networks, the civics in which one or more is present or will be by 2026 NGA infrastructure.

For NGA (Next Generation Access) network we mean the one that is able to provide the real estate unit in question – that is residential, company headquarters or public administration – a download speed equal to at least 30 Mbps.

Previously it was possible to check the state of things relating to a specific address, but now this function has been made even more simple and detailed, thus providing a picture more complete in relation to the state of work for the development of optical fiber in the various regions.

The information contained in the research results now show clear which area the examined house belongs to, the type of coverage it has received or will receive (private or public), the type of network it has or will have, the timing of the network activation and also the peak usable speed updated al 2021 (although this data can sometimes be inaccurate).

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