Unieuro Google Nest mania: how to make the home automation from 19 Euros

Black Friday offers continue 2021 in advance and today Unieuro is the protagonist with the Nest Mania . Nest, remember, is the Google brand linked to home automation and includes all voice control products and also cameras, doorbells and more that can make your home smart.

Today on offer at excellent prices, we find the Mini , the small speaker that allows you to control the management of Google Home quickly and easily; the Nest Audio , the improved version of the Mini that offers a much superior audio making this device also suitable for ” use as a speaker for listening to music; and finally the Nest Hub of the second generation , the alternative to Amazon’s Echo Show made by Google.

We also point out the Chromecast at a great price on Amazon and the Nest Wi-Fi:


PLEASE NOTE : the promotions we insert are valid at the time of publication. They may vary in price, run out or no longer be available at the prices indicated over the following hours / days.

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