United Kingdom, charging points in new homes from 2022

We know very well that the United Kingdom points on electric cars and, for this reason, it has established that from 2030 it will no longer be possible to sell endothermic cars. The only exception is for the hybrid ones that can be marketed until 2035. The country, to be ready on the date of 2030, will have to set up a capillary charging network to allow battery-powered cars to be able to circulate without problems. In the absence of adequate infrastructure, the deployment of these vehicles will be very difficult. For this reason, the Government is preparing various measures to encourage the growth of recharging points.


The Government of Boris Johnson has decided to introduce new building regulations which provide that from 2022 all new constructions including homes, commercial buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces will need to be equipped with charging points for electric cars. This also applies to buildings undergoing major renovations with 10 seats car or more. According to the Government, the important change will allow to install more than each year within the country thousand new charging points .

Since most charging takes place at home, this means that people will be able to buy a new home that is already set up to be able to recharge an electric vehicle. At the same time, the new shops and workplaces will be able to offer customers and employees recharging points.

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The British government thus intends to give a further acceleration on the front of the infrastructure for the supply of energy to electric cars to get people to switch to a battery-powered car. Up to now, the Government has supported the realization of over 250 with a series of incentives. recharging points within the country.

But that’s not all, because in addition to wanting to make the charging infrastructure more widespread, the British government aims to simplify the management of energy supply . For this reason, new payment methods will be introduced, also through contactless solutions, on all quick recharge columns. Will it be enough? We will only be able to discover it over time. The goal of 2030 is certainly ambitious, perhaps too much according to some. For this reason, many were asking for a structured plan by the Government on the front of recharging since many more columns will be needed to make energy supplies simple and accessible to all.

The new plan would seem to solve the problem of charging at home but not that of the public infrastructure since there are areas still poorly served by columns.

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