USA and Europe: shared agenda on space and cybersecurity issues

The United States and Europe will be closer in handling some of the key issues of the century, such as space exploration and cybersecurity. The mission statement emerged in the aftermath of the meeting between the Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris and the French President Emmanuel Macron , the which laid the foundations for a new path of collaboration between the USA, France and many other European states .

The aim is to tackle together some of the most important challenges of the present and the future, as well as to strengthen that bond of collaboration and cooperation that had been rendered more and more unstable and precarious by the previous administration due to its more isolationist turn.

For as regards the issues related to space , the two nations (but not only ) will carry out the following initiatives:

  • A more open dialogue on all related aspects to space and its management : All major US agencies will open up to dialogue and confrontation with their French counterparts, in order to ensure cooperation government level on these issues. In practice, it is a matter of facilitating the dialogue regarding the respective national interests, the fight against climate change, the sharing of policies on the expansion of the space frontier, the improvement of access and qualitative conditions to sectors such as training on STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), the development of shared guidelines and standards that promote the long-term sustainability of space activities, with the aim of guaranteeing all humanity the opportunity to enjoy the benefits they will bring.
  • The entry of the USA into the Space Climate Observatory : The United States will join the SCO and will work together with the National Center for Studies on the French space, in order to contribute to the study and initiatives promoted by the SCO capable of slowing down climate change.

In addition to matters relating to the space sphere, the new collaboration agreement also affects the world of cybersecurity and also in this case they have been envisaged 2 different initiatives, with the aim of creating global safety standards together with European partners. Among these we find:

  • Participation in the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace : the USA and the European Union will support the Paris Call ( here the official website ) in his work to protect an open, secure and interoperable internet.
  • Promotion of responsible behavior in cyberspace : the US will continue to honor collaborations with public and private partners in order to identify and attribute appropriate responsibilities to all States that will be involved in criminal activities that are intended to destabilize and destroy cyberspace.

The statement released by the White House underlines how the decision to support the activities of the Paris Call – in which several companies are already present US ende of the caliber of Google – reflects the willingness of the administration to take part in initiatives that strengthen cooperation with international bodies dedicated to monitoring and protecting cyberspace and which is perfectly in line with the values ​​of protection of human rights, of the freedom and free expression supported by the USA.

In short, the United States is trying to become central again on some of the most important international issues. Among the first to congratulate for the new path undertaken there was just Google, which published a post on its official blog where it highlights the importance of the Paris Call and its 9 founding principles in protecting aspects such as the electoral process of the States and in the dissemination of cyber hygiene practices , aimed at increasing public and private security.

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