VinFast brings two electric SUVs designed by Pininfarina to Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Motor Show is almost upon us (19 – 28 November). Among the car manufacturers aiming to be protagonists is VinFast , a Vietnamese brand that intends grow rapidly, also leveraging important collaboration agreements. At the show, in fact, the manufacturer will bring two new electric SUVs called VF and 35 and VF and 36 , designed to reflect the concept “ The Future of Mobility “of the company.

Models which promises to be very interesting given that their design is the result of the work of Pininfarina . Not many details have been provided for these new SUVs for the time being. The manufacturer limited himself to sharing a series of teasers and talking about some aspects of the design of the two new vehicles.

The model VF and 28, in particular, will have larger dimensions than those of VF and 35 and will also feature a more impressive look. Although it was not mentioned, it appears from the pictures that the VF SUV 28 can have three rows of seats. As for the interior, the brand did not show any images. However, he anticipated that they will be comfortable and luxurious.

VinFast intends to focus not only on electric models as also intends to offer customers advanced technologies to make driving safer. For example, visitors to the Salone will be able to discover the technology Smart Security , i.e. a system capable of to monitor the driver and traffic. Additionally, the brand will showcase its latest AI-based ADAS systems developed by Vantix. Particularly smart driving assistance systems that are able to detect driver errors and correct them in the shortest possible time.

Back to new SUVs, VinFast did not want to share anything regarding the specs. To get all the details we will have to wait very little as the Salone is about to begin. Michael Lohscheller , Global CEO of VinFast, said:

VinFast believes in “The Future of Mobility “. A future where intelligent vehicles are highly customized “technologies for life” that combine eco-friendliness with maximum safety and exceptional driving experiences. The LA Auto Show is one of the most important shows in the world. He is also known for his support for electric vehicle adoption and consumer education. Therefore, VinFast sees this Show as a perfect stage to demonstrate its commitment to promoting the global trend of green transport and encouraging electrification.

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